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Friday, July 31, 2009

True Love

My friend Dawn posted this on Facebook:

Find arms that will hold you at your weakest, eyes that would see you at your ugliest, and a heart that will love you at your worst. Then...and only then will you have found your TRUE LOVE.

It made me think about something. The first thought was something like, "Ooouuu, I want a love like that, someone who loves me with an unconditional kind of love." My guess is that some of you had the same thought or one similar. It would be wonderful to have that kind of love, wouldn't it?

Then I had a second thought. (I like this one because I'm excluding myself from the group this applies to, isn't that convenient?) Those of you who are in a relationship (therein, my exclusion!), think about it from this angle .... Put the quote in the hands, lips and heart of the person you're in the relationship with. Could they say that about you? Do you hold them at their weakest, see them at their ugliest and love them at their worst? Do you treat your love in that unconditionally loving way? Do your actions reflect YOUR unconditional love?

Interesting thought, eh?


  1. What an awesome quote. And I also love your view on it as well. When we fall in love I think sometimes we settle into a comfortable state where we don't always treat our love with kindness and respect. I have had to catch myself at times when I wonder if this is the best way I could be treating S. I always like to go back to the golden rule: Treat others how you want to be treated.

  2. I believe that happens in most relationships. It is so easy to slip into that comfortable, but not sustaining, pattern. I think we all need to be reminded!

  3. I love that quote. This year with all the drama that has happened one thing that I can say with certanily is Mike or I have been here for each other at our weakest moments,ugliest and worst. Life changing decisions is not the easiest on a marriage and one can choose to fight for the marriage or give up. I agree with Caroline to its easy to get comfortable but you know you have found true love when you can say to your mate I dont want just to be comfortable.

  4. I think you're right. I like your last sentence. My first marriage ended because he wanted to be comfortable.I still had a lot of life to live, and he wanted to not stretch into something other than what he/we were.

  5. Lyn, I LOVE this! (and not just because you "borrowed" this quote from me) But I love your spin on it. And forturnately, I am able to say...YES!!! I DO love my hubby unconditionally. Of course there are (a few) things that I'd like to change about him. But then he'd be "different" than what makes me love him in the first place. Does that make sense? I use to think that I wanted to be with someone who was more like me (more affectionate, more touch/feely, more romantic). But then I came to the conclusion that someone like that...someone like ME...would get on my nerves, LOL. Mister M. is all of those things when he NEEDS to be. Unfortunaly, we are in an almost constant state of mom/dad mode. But in those rare moments that we are able to be a COUPLE/LOVERS, all that's necessary to make THAT moment come alive. It's still there and there's no question that our love is unconditional.
    Wow, sorry for all of that. But I can answer actions DO reflect my unconditional love - even after 20+ years of marriage.


  6. Oh, Dawn, good for you! I figured you would meet the "reverse standard," because most people who are as obviously in love as you are will stay on their toes. Keep it up for another 20 + 20 years!

  7. What an interesting twist on the quote. I do believe Man and I can honestly say we've held each other at our weakest, seen each other at our ugliest and loved each other at our worst. We treat each other in that unconditional loving way and with respect.

    I never want to be just comfortable. There were A LOT of things wrong with my marriage of 30 + years to my EX, but I believe he was "comfortable" (being a horse's ass) in our "marriage". I did not want to live like that for one more minute let alone 30 more years.

  8. I think some people understand "comfortable" is synonymous with "unchanging." Comfort in a love relationship is good as long as people continue growing, seeking ways to make their partner happy and to grow together, not apart. "Just comfortable" is about the same as "just existing," isn't it?

    I think that stagnation is a long, long way off from you and Man. :)

  9. I think after 29 years of marriage, in my case, you have to say there's at least a little of that working. But I have to think a man would phrase it differently (speaking as a guy).

    Hea, I was intrigued by that dessert place you talked about--Creme de la Creme. Tried to Google it and was amazed at how many businesses there are by that name. Any idea where I could find it on the web? I just want to salivate a little if there's a menu or pictures.

  10. Dave, so tell us, how would a man phrase it?

    As for the restaurant .... I discovered to day that it is Crème de la CREAM. But it is very new, and I doubt that there is anything on the net as yet. I'll keep an eye out, and if they throw up a web site, I'll holler at ya, OK?

  11. So true, and convicting...if we would always try and look at situations from the other side, we would be better people in all of our relationships!

  12. Wouldn't we, Cheryl? It all circles back to the golden rule. I've noticed that it seems even those who regularly practice the golden rule may often forget it with our most personal, intimate relationships, sadly.


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