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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Weekend Recap

On our way to dinner on Saturday we passed a favorite site. And we had to get some photos for Linda, Sandy and Jeannie to use in their paintings.

This guy is one of our favorites because he has such a fantastic set of horns.

In the distance was this mama and baby.

And this lady seemed to be babysitting. She had five young ones with her.

This herd is very tame. You can tell they are accustomed to being around people. Many of them came up to the fence where we were standing. These two youn'uns were very curious, following me up and down the fence and watching me with curiosity.

Is this face sweet, or what?? Look at those little budding horns!

And off we went to dinner at a historic hotel, the Wortley, in Lincoln. Wonderful food! I'd been there for lunch, but not dinner. They are open for dinner only on Saturday night. I had a chicken fried steak with garlic mashed potatoes and a lightly cooked fresh squash medley. It was excellent. Linda and Sandy both had a chicken chili renello, and they said it was great, too.

We lingered at the table until they essentially kicked us out. No, they really didn't, but they had cleared all the tables, insisting that they didn't care if we stayed, so when we knew they were about done cleaning in the kitchen, we shuffled off to Buffalo. Excuse me, I mean we came back to my house, got comfortable and talked until the wee hours. We made a decision to go to the lavender farm today rather than the round of galleries as originally discussed.

I was very pleased with how The Kids did with Sandy. First time they'd met her, and within a few minutes, they were all over her. Thank goodness she is an animal person, too. Even Sammy was approaching her within a short time, allowing her to pet him often. He occasionally barked, mostly if she moved too suddenly, but would then walk over to her for petting. Lola absolutely fell in love with Sandy! Early this morning, I was trying to keep the kids quiet, because I didn't realize they were actually hearing Sandy quietly washing her face and brushing her teeth, then retreating to the bedroom to give her daughter a call. During this, Lola was whining, wiggling almost uncontrolably, wanting to go find Sandy!

We sat on the deck with a cup of coffee and enjoyed the early morning cool air and the gorgeous panoramic view. The mountains were slightly misty, and the graduation of hues of blue was breathtaking. It was very pleasant and peaceful. What a fabulous way to start the day.

After we were dressed and ready, we headed out to the same restaurant and had a fantastic breakfast. My friends both had a blueberry pancake, as big as the plate, very thick and fluffy with tons of berries. I had eggs scrambled with cheese, chili, onion and crisp bits of tortilla chips, black beans, seasoned cubed potatoes, a flour torilla and fresh fruit. Excellent!

Off the the Lavender Farm, tucked away at the east end of the Capitan Range. We found out it was a bit early in the season for most of the produce, so Linda and I decided to let Sandy have what we picked and we will go back in a couple weeks for ourselves. Sandy lives at Elephant Butte, a little over three hours away, so a return to the Farm would be more difficult for her. She took home some green beans, okra and raspberries.

We spent a lot of time just walking around in the lavender fields, admiring the beauty, the smell, everything about being out in such a nice place.

There were all kinds of wildflowers. Here is one pretty one.

The butterflies and bees were everywhere on the lavender. We found out that in about a month the bee hives will be harvested, and I definitely want some of that .... lavender-raspberry honey! Yummm!

Another of the wildflowers.

The end of the Capitans and the pretty clouds that were building while we "browsed."

Fields and fields of lavender. I can't tell you how good smelling the air was!

Lavender with the mountains in the background.

The day is always perfect when you spend it with good friends!

It looks like Sandy has an oddly flat head, but she is wearing a white hat that seemed to disappear into the sky background! I enhanced this to try to make it viseable so you wouldn't think she's, uhmm, deformed. Really, it looked very weird.

After spending several hours there, snacking on lavender shortbread (the best shortbread I've ever eaten!) and lavender lemonade. We made some purchases to bring home. I brought lavender sugar and a lavender blend of herbs that will be very good on chicken or fish. And, psssst, don't tell anyone, but I brought home another shortbread for tomorrow's breakfast!!

From there we drove to Ruidoso for dessert at Crème de la Cream. I had .... do I need to say it? You know I had crème brulée. Sandy had a vanilla bean mousse, and Linda tried the red velvet cake. Everything was, of course, superb! We sat and talked as long as we dared, then drove back to Capitan where Sandy's car was at Linda's house. And off she went for home. I'm glad I had just a short drive. Poor Sandy, driving 3 hours. At least she had a few cups of coffee to help her make it there.

You know, it was a fairly unremarkable weekend, and it was the best of the best, spent with friends, doing things we all like and just taking it easy. How was your weekend? What did you do?

~ ~ ~ ~

BTW, I'm aware I didn't do the funnies today. Sorry, but I was too busy just having fun. Tune in next week, OK?


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend. I would love to see a lavender farm, something about that photo makes me want to lay down in the middle of one. (Or maybe it's because I haven't had my coffee yet and I am tired-:))

  2. Glad you had a nice weekend.

  3. What a nice weekend you had! Loved the cow pictures. I recently went to a lavender festival here in Michigan. Who knew there were so many things you could buy made from lavender? I also bought an herb mix with lavender called Herbs de Provence and used it on chicken cooked on the grill and it was delish!!

  4. Julie, when you break out of your routine and make the trip out here, I will take you there! Lavender is good, just about any time. I remember when I was younger, lavender was considered and "old woman's" thing. Wow, what we missed out on! Now every woman know the pleasures and benefits of lavender, I think.

    Thanks, Daisy, I really did. I'm tired today, but it was presented to me to repeat it tomorrow, I'd be ready to go!

    Dev, yes, it was a nice weekend! The cattle are so photogenic, and my friends are all planning to paint them in some form or another. Each has a different style, and I can't wait to see the products. As for the lavender, it was available in several other forms, too. They make lavender ice cream, scones with lavender, candy with lavender, etc. Herbs de Provence is the mix I bought. I can't wait to use it. I think I'm going to do salmon tonight with it. Yummmm.

  5. OK, I have been trying to comment since 7am, but every time I go to leave a comment my phone rings or they page me. Gee, I can't believe they expect me to work. :)

    Looks like it was a great weekend. Love the pictures of the cows. I love taking pics of cows as well. And I love the picture of the clouds. So pretty. Last night we had the coolest sunset and I was just sorry that I didn't have my camera with me while I was walking Sophie.

    OH, and can we please go to that resturant when I come visit. The food sounds soooo good.

  6. Caroline, isn't it strange that just because they give you a paycheck, they expect you to, gasp, work??

    It was a very good weekend, and yes we can certainly go to that restaurant. I must point out, however, that if you continue to add foods for here at home, and restaurants, to boot, you are going to have to extend your visit!! That's OK with me!

    OK .... sunset, walking Sophie, no camera .... WHERE WAS YOUR CELL PHONE??????

  7. LOL...I was thinking that as well about all the resturants you talk about her. Better yet, instead of extending my visit I should just move there. :)

    I don't usually carry my cell phone with me when I walk. Plus, since I am no longer in the Verizon Network and now in the Extended Network, I wouldn't be able to email myself the pictures like I did when I was in KC.

  8. YES! Pack up and move here!

  9. I am seriously going to visit you. I promise.

    The longhorns...common site here. :)

  10. Kathi, GOOD!! And next time I'm in your area to visit my sis and her fam, I promise we will get together!

    But remember .... these are NEW MEXICO longhorns!! ;D

  11. It looks like it was a truly FABULOUS weekend. The pictures are all just perfect!

  12. Cheryl, it was excellent! Thanks!

  13. love the cow nanny! i can't imagine how those animals stand up with those big horns on their heads . . .

  14. Beans, me, too! I've never seen anything like that. They stayed right with her at the back of the pasture for the whole time we were there.


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