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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I don't get it. The hummingbirds are back in droves. Or flocks. Or gaggles. Or herds. Or whatever hummingbirds come in. After 2/3 of them disappeared for a few days, suddenly they returned a couple or three days ago. Not that I'm complaining!

I filled the feeders a few minutes ago, and there were approximately 25 or 30 out there. I could actually count fifteen at a time when I was alert, and that was approximately half of them.

I have Rufous, either Broad-tailed or Black-chinned, and some that I think are Magnificent Hummingbirds. They move so fast that it is really hard to identify the markings, and I can't get at an angle for photos that will show the details. So I'm going on my best guess and The Sibley Guide to Birds. The Magnificent is only rarely seen in this area, but I'm relatively convinced that I have some.

So I'm guessing that my question of being on their migration path and they have moved on was just wrong. I guess they will be here for a bit longer, hopefully October, as usual. And perhaps they will come and go till then, so I'll keep filling the feeders until I'm sure they are gone or it begins to freeze.

The sky and the clouds yesterday were amazing.


Nuff said ..........


  1. What great pictures of the birds. I hope they stick around as well.

    Love the pictures of the clouds. The other day I was listening to the news and they were talking about how we were going to have "marshmellow" clouds and looking at your pictures reminds me of just that.

  2. Your so very lucky! We use to get so many, this year we didn't get hardly any. I was so disappointed.

    You photos are so beautiful. I could just sit and watch those beautiful birds all day.

    Consider it a major blessing and enjoy.

  3. Caroline, marshmallow clouds, indeed! I like that! Maybe you'll get to meet my birds n October.

    Cheryl, I'm in love with the clouds here. They are almost always as gorgeous as these.

    Hey, c'mon out and we'll sit on the deck with lemonade or iced tea (or a beer, if ya want!) and watch those clouds drift along. I do know how blessed I am.

  4. Love the pictures of the birds and clouds. We had no hummingbirds this year I guess I know where they all are. Do the dogs bark at them?

  5. I guess I'm the big hummingbird thief!! No, the dogs don't do anything but watch them, thank goodness. I have another post that will be up soon that has a story about Lola an the hummers.


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