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Friday, August 14, 2009

A Good Dinner and a Bunch of Plans Ahead

I just got back from the most fun dinner. Take seven middle aged women, add three bottles of wine, baskets of amazing breads, plates of steaks and chicken, desserts to die for, and enough talking, joking and laughing to last a person for a week, and you have created a completely fabulous evening. I can't remember when I've had that much fun! The restaurant is at the casino. I hadn't eaten there before, but I'm very impressed. A really nice dining experience, but far from stuffy.

The married ladies enjoyed a night away and the single ladies enjoyed an evening with. Everyone got what they wanted! Our reservation was at 5:30 and we didn't leave the restaurant until after 9:30, lots of time for fun, but the thing is it wasn't that we were lingering more than we should. The service was excellent, but they didn't rush us, so we had lots of time between courses to enjoy our conversation.

Our ages ranged from 50 to 65, and everyone was an artist of one sort or another. Just two are lifelong artists. In previous lives the rest of us were teachers, nurses, and social workers. We found our conversations overlapping beautifully. I knew three before tonight, and I've now added three more lovely ladies to my list of friends.

I had SO much fun!

Tomorrow morning I'm off to a fashion show at an art gallery, featuring the jewelery of Zoe and the silk wearables of Linda (the two lifelong artists in the group tonight). I think it will be fun to see this combination. I have items from each of them, and I think their things will go together very well.

Sunday morning all but two of us who dined tonight are having breakfast/brunch together on Sunday morning. We are going to the restaurant Linda, Sandy and I went to a couple weeks ago, where the food is excellent. I'm guessing we will be having another fun meal.

Then on Monday Linda and I are driving to Sandy's home in Elephant Butte to spend a couple days. I've arranged for a puppy sitter, but I'm going to take a couple of The Kids with me. I think it will be Jazi and Sam. They both stay will me when we walk, so I will be less concerned about them getting away from me. It will be easy to deal with Jaz; she is well adjusted, loves people and other animals. Sam is doing well on his adjusting. I've taken him on a few errands where I can take him in with me, and while he is still a bit nervous in public and with strangers, he is doing well. This will be his first real trip away from home since I brought him to live with me in June 2008. It will do him good to have a slightly extended time away with me and meeting new people and dogs. It's an experiment, one I think is timely.

My posting may be spotty for a few days. Bear with me, and check back. I'm off on a fun series of adventures, but you know I can't stay away! And yes, Caroline, I will take pictures! :)


  1. Your dinner last night sounds like sooooo much fun!!! When I was there visiting you in 2007 I was really impressed with the casino. It was so beautiful and the grounds were also beautiful. I remember sitting out by the lake and just thinking. And yet another thing to add to the list of things to do when I am there. You are right, I am going to either have to extend my trip or just move there. I am leaning towards moving there. :)

    Have a great weekend and have a fantastic trip.

  2. Sounds like my kind of evening--so much fun. Tends to motivate me to gather some of my women friends to do the same.

  3. Caroline, it was one of those sort of "ageless" events where everyone had a good time without awareness of the age differences, the newness of some of our friendships, or anything else. I felt as if I'd know these ladies for years! As for your trip here, let's do as much as we can, and the rest will come at a later time whether it's a visit or a move. But you know I'll help you pack and move! :D

    MJ, it is the kind of think that every woman should do at least a couple times a year. Yeah, get your party planner out!

  4. I'm so glad that you did this. A night with the girls, sounds like so much fun. How I wish I could gather 6 or 7 of my friends and go out to eat and just sit and laugh, enjoy the food and company for a few hours. It really is one of the most special things about this life!
    The next few days are going to be so busy for you. Fun, but very busy. I hope you have just as much fun, but knowing you, you will.
    Take care and enjoy your time with friends.

  5. Cheryl, DO IT NOW! There is no reason to put it off, and you never know what you will miss when you do put it off. Pick up the phone and grab a few girlfriends, or two, or even one and break out of the mold. Enjoying life is as important as the daily grind that we can't avoid, and much more fun!! Now! Pick up the phone NOW!

  6. There is nothing better then good friends,good food, good wine. Well maybe one more thing but I wont mention it here. I think us humans need to just let go and do that and not worry about the cost or time. Your plans sound great.

  7. Sounds like you had an excellent time with your lady friends both old and new. (omg I didnt mean age lol) Enjoy the next few days away ... a change is as good as a rest.

  8. Bobbie, you're right on that! It was worth it.

    Ruth, I did for sure. That's OK, I'm the "old" in the group! As much as most of us hate to have our routines disrupted, this kind of change is wonderfully refreshing.

    Daisy, I will!

  9. Lyn - it all sounds absolutely fabulous! There's really nothing better than some great "girl time", is there?

    And my family used to go camping at Elephant Butte!! *sigh*


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