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Friday, August 14, 2009

Peculiar Hits

I've noticed on my tracker that lots of people find my blog by googling "send off words." I've looked in my archives for those words, and I don't find them, and I don't remember writing about that. That's interesting, I think. But what is even more thought provoking is this .... are so many people leaving India that almost every day I have at least one hit from people looking for ways to say goodbye? And where are they going?



  1. lol. i think it is funny when i read the those things as well . . .

    it doesn't make any kind of sense.

  2. I get all kinds of hits also when I blogged about my phone company will be more careful

  3. When my blog was public I would get hits from the funniest searches.

  4. Beans, yeah, I wonder about some of them. Just strange.

    Bobbie, I talked/groused about my phone co. a while back, and they contacted me to see if they could fix my frustration!! They did!

    Dawn, my life is exciting, isn't it? giggle!

    Caroline, I know. Some of the searches are much worse. I look at them and can't even make sense of the search words. Makes you wonder about how people's minds work, doesn't it?

  5. It is strange how people's minds work. I never put a Tracker Back on my Blog when I changed it from A Life of Triggers. I was getting to obsessed with it. Now I miss checking, but I'm glad I don't have it. Does that make sense?

  6. It looks like it is your June 29 2007 post.

    When I googled "send off words" your blog is #2 and that is the post listed.

  7. Cheryl, it's funny that I check tracker just once in a while these days. I used to be over-the-top with it also, but now I look at it just once a week or two weeks. I think when you find yourself becoming obsessed with something like that, it good to make a change. We tend to allow little things to take hold and get in the way of real life, I think. Yeah, I get it. :)

    Oh, (M)ary, leave it to you! I didn't think of googling it! I just did a blog search which doesn't pick up phrases, so highlights every post with any key words. I have something like 395 posts pop up! I tried to skin through them, and eventually gave up. Thanks! You're a smart cookie!


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