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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hummingbirds. You know how little they are? About the size of my thumb. Put 25 or so of them together and you'd be totally amazed at how much those little suckers (!!) can eat!!

I've had a few of them all summer, but as far as I could tell just about eight or ten of them. Then a few days ago, they came in droves! I seriously have about twenty to thirty of them hanging out daily! I have three feeders out and it takes about a quart of solution to fill them. A quart doesn't sound like much to us, but think of how tiny they are. And I'm filling the feeders twice a day now! Unbelievable! I love to watch when they are "bellying up to the bar" at the rate of four at a time at each feeder, with at least four more waiting for an open bar stool.

Here, enjoy them with me:

So cool! Maybe I should do a video. OK, later I will.


  1. very very cool love humming birds

  2. I can't believe how many your have there at one time. I too have a feeder but only one at a time come to feast. They chase each other away. Very territorial. Mine are very shy. It's been hard getting pictures. I also can't believe how much they drink! Mine aren't nearly that thirsty but if I leave mine up after dark I have a naughty racoon that climbs up on my window box and drinks it dry!! Who knew racoons like sugar water!

  3. Bobbie, me, too!

    Deb, it has surprised me how many have shown up in the last few days! I've never seen that many at once here at this house either. It has surprised me that they are not highly territorial as I've usually known them to be. Occasionally a scuffle will break out, but considering the numbers, surprisingly infrequently. I think my feeders are hanging when a raccoon couldn't get to them, but those little furry characters can surprise us. The thing is, I've watched these being drained as the day wears on!

  4. I still have my one little feeder and I'm filling it...MAYBE once every week or so. Like I said, I think they're all at your house :-). We have about 2-3 of the little birdies come to our feeder and they are FIESTY. Mister M's mom likes to sit out on the back deck and they fly really close to her head as if telling her to go inside so they can eat in peace :-). Funny thing is though, where she sits is not even close to the feeder. But I love watching them...when they come that is.

  5. They are a fiesty breed! They flit around my head when I'm outside, too. They certainly don't attack, but they have no fear about getting up close and personal!


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