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Friday, August 21, 2009

Rambling Friday Thoughts

The number of hummingbirds at my house has greatly decreased. A couple days ago, I suddenly noticed I have about half what I did when I was so thrilled, but it is still more than I had before the influx. I wonder if it might have been a migrating group? It seems early for that, but I don't know about what the different kinds can tolerate. And I've noticed the is a bit of a fall-like chill at night. So maybe??

The weather is still summer, but I have noticed that there seems to be a very subtle change. Days seem about the same, but evenings and nights just feel .... different. Yesterday in the late afternoon, I had a breeze, and although the temperature was the same as it has been most evenings, I felt a wee, tiny smidge of chill in the breeze. I wouldn't mind if it begins to cool. Just not too fast, please! Cooler temps would allow me to get out and do the yardwork without falling on my face. And I actually like cool weather, anyway. I'm guessing there will be more hot weather, however. It's just too early to be autumn. We'll probably see "bipolar" weather patterns for a while, as the temps swing back and forth before settling into the fall pattern.

I need to go to the library today. I guess I should get off my lazy tushie and do just that. After spending the last two days mostly on the couch, I am feeling rested for a change. I should take advantage of that. I'm telling you, that heat from the trip Monday and Tuesday about wiped me out! I have not taken so many naps in a two day period since .... well, the last I can remember is when I had a hysterectomy in 1995. So I guess it was what I needed to do! Now I need to get back to normal with my 24-hour days having more awake time than asleep time!

Sooooo ...... I'll be back when something exciting happens to write about. Or when I just have some time on my hands, since not much actual excitement happens around me! LOL! That's OK, I like my life pretty well as is. I won't dissuade excitement, but I don't live for it, either!

Later, gators!!


  1. Fall is coming here also, some of the trees are starting to change and its getting close for the kids to go back to school. Naps are good things

  2. Wow, Maybe we are in for an early winter?


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