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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stag Party at Lynilu's Tonight!!!!

Wooo Hooooo!!!

And look who was invited!!

This little guy......

And his twin brother.........

And the grand old man.........

Isn't he gorgeous?

One of the young ones had something stuck to his side. I couldn't tell what is is. See the green ball on his shoulder?

I took this so you could tell how high my stack of cut branches is. The deer is at the opposite end of the stack, snacking on some on the freshly cut branches. They seem to appreciate the handi-snack!

The younger twins are, I believe, the babies I watched grow up since moving in here. The first time I saw them, they had just a trace of their spots left, but I didn't get a picture at that time.

Here one of the twins was walking in front of Ol' Blue. This was their first year, 2007

Then last year, I was excited when I learned the twins were males. The first time I saw it, their horns were just little bitty nubs on their heads. That was in the spring. By fall, they looked like this, little spikes.

And now, this year, they are sporting a 2 by 2 rack!

My babies are growing up!!



  1. How cool that you have seen them grow up the last couple of years!!

    You are such a proud Mama, aren't you.

  2. I just clicked on the pic of the one with the thing stuck on his side...if that is a tick that is one big tick. :)

  3. A tick?? LOL! No, I 'spect it's not!

  4. Sounds like you had a great time with all your "Stags". Lucky girl!


  5. Amazing pictures I would be a proud momma also.

  6. They are beautiful creatures. How lucky you are to have watched them grow up.


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