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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Wonderings

The first few times I thought it was really catchy and cute. And then .... it began to wear on my nerves. Now it is on my very last nerve. Really. So how does it strike you, that Dairy Queen "icecream&cake, icecream&cake, icecream&cake" commercial?

It seems it is often like that, the commercials that initially attract me later become a burr under the saddle. I suppose it might be because I actually listen to them. Other commercials, ones that don't impress me, I tend to pretty much ignore.

Moving on ....

I got this in an email. It was [offensively] titled "What Every White Person Needs to Hear." I was offended right there. Watch this and see what you think. After you watch it, scroll down for my further dissertation.

Interestingly, it came from a person that I like in many ways. This person is bright, educated, shares a love of history with me. A person with whom I have very interesting, spirited conversations, although we don't see each other often. I've known that this person has some views and beliefs that clash with mine, so this didn't particularly surprise me. It brought up some issues for me.

My reply to this person was, "Well, there is truth in that, but EVERYONE of every color, race, and creed needs to stop deferentiating with labels of "black," "arab," "mexican," "protestant," "catholic," "islamic," etc., and accept that we are ALL JUST PEOPLE, created by the same God. That's what will really stop the discrimination in all directions."

I'm not without biases. And honestly, anyone who says she/he is, isn't being honest. It is human nature to be aware of differences and usually uncomfortable with people, or types of people, we've not been around before. The way to overcome this is to spend time with those toward whom we feel an aversion. I don't succeed totally, but I work at it and try hard to be as open minded and accepting as possible. I have gone out of my way to be around people of different races, religions, styles of life, etc. so that I can lessen my prejudices. It isn't 100%, but my work is not yet done, either.

If every one of us could simply drop prejudicial, segregating labels from our language, how much improved would the world be? If we could all think of others in terms of simply "people."

Think for a minute; what was the last time you thought of someone in one of the following terms:
Other religion
Arab/Middle Eastern
Other Ethnic Definition
Intelligent/(College) Degreed/Smarter Than Me
Etc., etc., etc.

For me, I have to say that it was only a few days ago that I met someone and classified the person as "snobby, rich and skinny" before I caught myself and shook that out of my head to give the woman a chance. And when I did .... I liked her.

If you've read my blog for a while, you've probably heard me say that I am intolerant of intolerance, and that applies to myself, too. I cracked myself over the head on that one, on the time a few weeks ago when I found myself thinking of a new acquaintance as "uptight conservative," and this morning when that first gut reaction to the video was "racist." It's not OK. If we could only think of each other in terms of "people." If only.


  1. Yep. Years ago, I took some class (for work, actually) and the instructor used the term 'soft eyes' which has really helped me with what you're talking about. Whenever I have a thought - labeling or just not very nice - I think 'soft eyes'...which means I need to look at the person without judgement or labeling. I don't always catch myself but I find that just thinking 'soft eyes' really makes a difference.

  2. Jenn, I like that term, "soft eyes." Says it well. If we could all "soften our gaze," we might not see some things that tend to separate us. I think it's an issue for everyone of every walk of life, so meeting halfway serves everyone well.

  3. We have a sister in law that we adore and the kids love her and we got to talking and I asked how she felt about racism and she and Andy (Mikes brother) get it from both sides. We are silly to assume that white people are the majority I agree if we see the person for what they are and not the color,sexual orientation, etc,etc. we would be better human beings.

  4. You're right, Bobbie, it comes from and goes to all directions. I've had this kind of discussion with several friends and relatives of various groups, and just about everyone acknowledges that it is a wide spread and non-specific problem.


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