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Friday, September 11, 2009

I had a busy day. I did some housework while waiting for the internet to return to my house. After my hero, Carlos the DSL guy left, I took a quick shower and dressed to run errands. Jazi was due for her annual shots (Hurray! That marks a year that she has been with me!!), and I had to go to Walmart. I bought a few items on Wednesday, and when I got home, I didn't have the carton of Cokes I bought. I went back today to get them.

After finishing those two errands I was heading home, and when I drove past a garden center in town, and a wooooooonderful aroma hit my nose. I did a u-turn and went back to buy some of these......

Can't tell what they are? Then you're obviously not from New Mexico! Inside that mesh barrel are fresh green chiles being roasted. Yummy-yum-yum-yum! Those are mine in the tumbler, 20 pounds of scrumptious eating!

There is a very hot flame that roasts the chiles while the open mesh barrel tumbles, roasting them evenly.

When they are done, the cage is opened, and the chiles tumble down that chute into a plastic bag which is then closed up. The heat in the bag and the moisture coming out of the chilies cause the peels to fall off, making my job at home easier.

Once I am home with them I have to take them out of the bag, remove the remaining peeling which is sticking to the chile meat, wash them and bag them for freezing. Then I have 20 pounds of delicious eating for the next several months, probably enough to last me a year.

If you eat green chile from a can, you don't know what green chile tastes like, trust me. There is little in this world that I enjoy more than freshly roasted chile, especially that which i will consume in the next few days, while it is still fresh, fresh, fresh. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Don't hate me because I'm SO lucky to live where I do!

As I came in the door one time today, I noticed something. It just confirms how very sad and lonely my life is. I know, I know, you think my life is full of all kinds of wonder, happy parties, groups of adoring friends. Well, have a look at how often my door-knocker is used.........

Do you see those cobwebs? SEE? No one, NO ONE ever knocks at my door!!!

Shocking, I know. I'm so neglected.

Isn't that heartbreaking?

OK, I'll confess. It doesn't get used because no one needs to use it. No one can get to it before my five little ding-dongs (LOL!) announce their arrival! Not only can't they get to the door unannounced, or to the steps without me knowing, but I know when someone pulls into the driveway, because all five of My Kids start barking, run to the deck and continue barking till I can quiet them. That is happening sooner these days, but the bottom line is .... I put up that door knocker for naught!

I am starting to refinish a coffee table. I took it apart today, and while I was disassembling it, Jazi decided to help me. As you can see, she is holding it down for me. It would be really bad if the table should take flight mid screw-removal!

My final bit of news....

Mama got a new phone!!

I stopped at Radio Shack to get a new battery for a cordless phone, and while I was there I asked a few questions about cells. I was due for an upgrade, but I wasn't sure what I wanted, or more exactly, what would suit my needs. I thought I'd just ask my questions, and of course, I left with this one. The only thing I couldn't get is a phone that will sync with my computer. Seems no one knows which phones are compatible with Macintosh, so you pays your money and takes your chances. Dumb. Oh, well, it is just one of those things. Otherwise, I like the phone. I love, love, love the keyboard for texting!

OK, I have 20 pounds of chile calling my name. Later!!


  1. Oh, I am so jealous about the green chilis. I love green chilis. I will never forget when I went to a Chiefs game with you and Scott brought some dip that had green chilis in it and I have spent the last 9 years looking for that dip.

    Love your new phone. Sorry I didn't respond to your TXT, but I was trying not to cough up my lungs. :) I am also due for an upgrade, but can't seem to decide on a phone. I really like yours.

  2. About the dip .... was it a white cheese/green chili dip? If so I can tell you where to get it!

    No problem, I knew you might not be up to it. I'll call you later.

  3. Not a big fan of chilies I like the phone that is what I am going to get when we upgrade love to text

  4. Bobbie, where I live eating green chile (or chile in general) is not a daily occurance; it is usually 2-3 time a day!!

  5. I can smell the chili's now. Cowboy would be jealous. Nice phone.

  6. My whole house smells like chile!!

  7. the i-phone will sync with a Mac... of course, only AT&T has them...

  8. Anon, yes, but I don't like AT&T. There are many phones that will interface with the Mac. but LG, apparently, no. I've written them to see if they have something to patch the hole. No answer yet, 3rd day.


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