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Friday, September 04, 2009

I Need a Snooze

I'm dreadfully tired. It began at the potluck Wednesday night. But there is more to it than that.

My sleeping habits have been rocky for over a week. Waking in the middle of the night, being unable to get back to a solid sleep, that sort of thing. So I've been tired to begin with.

Wednesday at my friend's house, I had a light-headed spell. I wasn't dizzy, but extremely light-headed. It passed rather quickly. We weren't halfway finished with our meal, so it wasn't that the food was bad. I was having wine, but wasn't past a couple ounces. I felt fine for the duration of the dinner, but felt slightly "off" on the way home.

As I drove I considered that I have changed my eating patterns this week. I'm trying to get into a healthier pattern. My diet is relatively good, but I've been "meaning to" change it a little for some time, but never get around to it. I started last the weekend by drinking yogurt smoothies, eating lots of carrots, celery, apples most of the day with a bowl of oatmeal at breakfast and a light dinner. I had to make a significant change like that to overcome urges for all those foods that I tend to snack on and which are so not good for me. This means, too, that my caloric intake is greatly lower right now. This helps to lower my urges by reducing my stomach size and it also sorta cleanses my system by staying away from the wrong foods for about 10 days. I'll do this just a few more days, and then turn to a full diet, but with the healthier foods.

I chose my foods carefully at the dinner, but I suspect that I still had too much of the wrong things (it all looked, and was, too good!), and my system which is now getting used the the better diet sorta had a "knee jerk" reaction. Just a bit too early in my diet shift to do that, I suspect.

Anyway, I went to bed after I got home. I really felt off my game. I went to sleep almost immediately, but as luck would have it, Lola detected a "visitor" outside and jumped off the bed barking furiously, then tore out the back door. Some of the others followed her, and I had to get up to bring them back in. Usually, if this happens, it is over at this point. Not that night! Lola repeated this, with various siblings in tow several times, 5-6, I think, before I decided that whatever was there seemed to be not the usual neighborhood kitty. I was nervous that it might be something more threatening, so I finally put the block in the dog door to keep them in. She still barked out the window several times, and sleep, as badly as I needed it, didn't come easily till after 1:00.

So yesterday Linda and I were going to Roswell. That meant getting up earlier than usual. She is the featured artist at a gallery there for the month of September, and I helped her set up her work. Then we had lunch at Red Lobster (Oh, yum, did we enjoy that! And I chose wisely!), did a little shopping and headed home. I walked in my door about 6:15 or 6:30, and I was exhausted. The morning had been rough with that off my game feeling, and although I got better, the tiredness lingered. So I had a quick, light dinner and went to bed again. I slept until around 2:00 when I woke and couldn't return to a deep sleep for the rest of the night.

So now, I'm thinking I need to take a nap. We are going back to the gallery in Roswell again tomorrow, because Linda was misinformed about the space she had available for her display, so she didn't take as much as would look best. We are taking several more pieces to put up, and probably have lunch before coming back. I don't think we will be shopping, but who can pass up lunch!

Man, I hope I can sleep tonight! Especially after .... yawn .... this nap. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.



  1. i would recommend valerian tea for a good night's sleep.

    i am trying to parse out my dog's barks so i can tell what he is seeing out the window.
    he seems to growl, go nuts and actually hit the window if he sees another dog.

    he hits a high note for the racoon who keeps a regular schedule (passes by as the sun sets and as it rises)

    cats and rabbits get the same bark which has no particular feature.

    then there is the low growl with no bark with pacing. that one bothers me. he will jump off his sleeping spot and go to the window or door like he is hearing something which i can't hear!

  2. There is no way I'm going to sort out the finer points of their language with 5 of them! I just look and figure out what I can and hope I'm guessing right on the other stuff!

  3. Lunch at Red Lobster!!!! I am totally jealous.

    I am sorry you have not been able to sleep lately. I consider myself very lucky because I have never really had problems with sleeping. Have you tried playing some quiet instrumental music while you fall asleep?

    Have fun tomorrow. Are you going to have lunch again at Red Lobster?

  4. Caroline, I sletp like the proverbial log last night, and it felt wonderful! My problem is not falling asleep, but waking and staying awake, but yes, I've tried it when that happens, but it doesn't seem to make the difference. I'll lick this soon!

    We thought about another trip to RL, but ended up at an excellent Mexican restaurant! Yummmm. And reasonable prices. I'm stuffed!

  5. I HATE when I wake up and can not get back to sleep.


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