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Friday, September 04, 2009

Miscellaneous photos from the week

The week in review.

I had some beautiful cloudy skies during the week.

And I had some nice blue skies and fluffy clouds. I you look, there seems to be an arrowhead at the far of that cloud. Yep, it's pointing me where I want to go!

I've had puppies in the window. They like to rest their chins on the window sill, looking out and snoozing. This is Joey and Sammy. The light from outside made it hard to get the pic, but I didn't want to disturb them.

Joe got down and Lola took his spot.

Another humorous sign at the fairgrounds. Hey, I might like a circus wedding! Could be fun!

Tonight there is a stupendous full moon.......


Yawnnnnnn. That makes me sleepy!

Night, all!


  1. Good usual.
    I love the full moon, it was beautiful here last night. I think I'll go see if I can find it tonight if all the clouds are gone.

    sleep well,

  2. LOL at the marquee. And as usual your babies are adorable!!! I can't wait to spend some time with them.

  3. Wonderful pictures! Made my morning. I love clouds, they are amazing to me, the way they change. Your babies are ADORABLE. Could not be any sweeter. LOVE the moon shots. I have always wanted to go to a Circus wedding, lol.
    You are really good with a camera! I'm trying to get there. Of course it would help if I didn't loose mine in the Chesapeake Bay! I miss it.

    Have a great day.

  4. Wow, those are amazing full moon shots!

  5. Wow, those are amazing full moon shots!

  6. Aren't they? I was pleasantly surprised, as my camera doesn't have enough zoom to take really good moon shots, as a rule. I want to get a better zoom lens for it.

  7. As always, I love the pictures. The sign had me laughing. I think a circus wedding would be fun.

  8. I suppose it might a natural segue into the circus aura of many marriages!!


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