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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Teeny-Tiny Injury at My House

Yesterday I cleaned the birdcage, a common event. When I do this the birds flap and flop and fly all over the place while my hands are going in and out of the cage. They often end up on the bottom of the cage or clinging to the side. I'm pretty used to that.

When I was finished I put the cage back in its place, and went about my business. A couple hours later I noticed that one of the spice finches was on the floor of the cage. Not unusual, except that the others seemed to be calling to him. I watched a few minutes, and he never got off the floor. Now, that is unusual. He seemed to be stretching up, as if trying to get off the floor, but he didn't spread his wings. I left it alone for a while, just observing. His buddies continued to chirp at him, hopping from perch to perch, often going to the lowest one and watching him.

Finally, I tried to lift him to a low perch, but I only scared him into climbing up the side of the cage, and I worried about him falling again. He wasn't using his wings, just climbing. So I left him alone on the floor.

I realized he had probably been there several hours by this time as he had likely injured himself in the flapping while I cleaned the cage. This meant he was without food or water, so I put a little lid with seed and a small container of water on the floor of the cage and left him to eat. He did. He was apparently very hungry, poor little guy. I watched for another hour or so while his friends came down and visited and encouraged him, but he stayed on the floor, repeating the stretching action over and over, but never leaving the floor.

Then I left the room for a couple minutes, and when I came back .... he was on the very top perch with the others!! Snuggled together as is usual for the night! I don't know how he got there, but he had to use his wings, so I felt that he didn't have a broken wing, just injured or sprained. Thank goodness. But I had no idea how to treat it.

This morning the poor baby was on the floor again. I called the vet's office. His tech used to raise finches, and I knew she could advise me. I was right; since he got to the upper perch she agreed that there is probably a sprain or strain in a wing, not a break. He has to be kept quiet and not have the urge or encouragement to hop to the perches, so as of a couple hours ago, the little spice is in his own cage, a smaller one I bought for transporting finches home after purchase. There are no perches in it. I spread some grass on the bottom of the cage for him, and I put the food and water on the floor of the cage where he can reach them. The cage is in the bedroom, away from his buddies, as directed, and the radio is playing Oldies, a substitute for his feathered company!

He seems to be fairly content. The dishes look like they are high, but it is just the angle.

Quiet time.

You can see that he has company watching over him. The cage is on my dresser with several Emmett Kelly musical figures in the background.

The dogs are confused about the two cages. They have gone to the bedroom and back to the living room, then they look at me like "Whaaaat?"

I think it is going to be a long two weeks for all of us.


  1. Aww poor baby. I like the figurines the dogs will get used to it and then he will be back with his buddies. Good job on moving the furniture do you make house calls?

  2. Let me just say this right off the bat .... I MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT MAKE HOUSE CALLS!!!

    OK, now that that's over --;D-- Yep, the dogs will get used to this, and then we will be moving the little finch back in with his buddies, and the dogs will wonder again! LOL!

  3. Awww hope he will be okay quickly. I had a ringneck dove and about went crazy trying to do for that bird. Without a doubt much harder to care for than a cat or a dog but birds are sweeties!
    Fish... on the other hand I am not a fan of fish.
    BUT back to your birdie I am so glad the vet tech knew something about finches. It's always a relief when someone has some experience.

  4. Poor little guy. I hope he heals quickly and is back with his flock. It's funny how they were fussing over him. If nothing is broken I'm sure he'll heal soon!

  5. Patti, in some ways they are so easy to care for, but in others, much more difficult. I love their happy sounds in the house. I'll be glad when he is back to himself again. I hate having him isolated, even though I understand why it is necessary.

    Deb, finches are very social birds. It is not possible to have just one. It will "pine" itself away if alone. They really take care of each other lovingly. It is sweet to watch.

  6. I hope your birdie gets well soon.

  7. Poor Baby. Hope he feels better soon. I saw on FB that you are going to put his cage next to his buddies a little bit so he doesn't get too lonely. I think that's a good idea.

  8. Thank you, MJ. Me, too.

    Caroline, so far he seems to be doing very well. He doesn't look as if he is depressed. When they are grieving, the tend to sit still and tuck their heads into their shoulders, but he is up and active. I go to the bedroom and check him often, and he is very alert and lively, moving around the cage a lot. I talk to him and keep the radio on for him. It may not be as bad I feared, but I'm watching closely, and I'll do whatever he seems to need. Thanks.


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