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Friday, October 30, 2009

Back from town

My trip to town was eventful and uneventful. Hmmm. Would that be uneventfully eventful? Or eventfully uneventful? Hmmmm. Whatever!

First of all, I reached in the bed of the truck for my long handled windshield scraper to clear the windshield before leaving here. I have to have the long handled one because of the size of my truck, and it doesn't fit well in many places, so it stays in the bed. The trouble is that the squeegee/brush end was frozen to the bed! So I unscrewed it and took the long handle with the ice scraper end and began shoving the snow off the windshield and hood of the truck. It worked fine, just a few more passes to clear my vision. Then I got in and began driving out of the driveway.

At the end of the driveway (all downhill) I touched the brakes before pulling onto the road, causing a landslide of snow from the top of the cab right onto the windshield and hood!! So I got out and cleared it again. Got back in and just as I closed the door .... the rest of the snow from the top came sliding down!! I looked to be sure that it was all that was on top, and it was. One more clearing, and I was good to go!

The drive into Capitan was nice. Most of the snow is gone below the elevation where I live, but the remaining deposits were a nice wintery touch to the landscape. I did my usual "thank you, god" as I drove, thankful for the privilege of living in such a beautiful place. I do count my blessings for this.

I dropped off books at the library, stuck my head in the library thrift shop, ran by Linda's studio to find she wasn't there, went to the grocery for a few items and as I headed to the checkout, I spotted Linda and her business partner having coffee in the deli. So I joined them for a cuppa, and we stayed there for over an hour! I love chance meetings like that. They are usually more fun than the planned kind. We talked and talked while several friends from around town stopped and chatted, and it was just a good time all round.

One of the friends who stopped makes jewelry, and he showed us some of his new creations that he is taking to a show in Tulsa in a few days. One of the rings stole my heart, but there is no way that I can afford the $180 at this time. I'll have to wear my well as jewelry for some time to come!!

I went by Linda's studio before leaving town. I had made some labels and business cards for her, and I dropped those off. While I was there, I asked her to take a couple pictures of my long denim coat. They aren't the greatest pix, but you'll get the idea. Some of you asked for pictures, and here they are:

I look kinda grim, don't I? Oh, well, the point is to see the coat, not me! Linda could have told me when she was ready, and I would have smiled, but it didn't happen. Heck, I would even have posed! When I said so to Linda, she said, with her gracious manner .... "So, bite me!" OK, OK!

I really like the coat. It is not lined, so it is not for really cold weather. Today was mid-30s, and I had on a sweater, so it was perfect. I like to have something that covers my butt and thighs, as they get cold. This did the trick without weighing me down with unnecessary weight.

Life is good. I'm home, tucked in with The Kids for another cold night. Stuffed bell peppers are in the oven, along with a small meatloaf mad with the left over meat, and a nice baked potato. It smells so good in here! These will be done in a few minutes, YUM!!! Tomorrow the temperature is going up to 60°, and I hope to put the finish on both the tables. I can't wait to have them completely finished. And, before you ask, Yes, of course I will post pictures!

Later, y'all!!


  1. LOL at the pictures Linda took. I love the coat and it seems perfect for the winters you have there.

    Sounds like you had a great day yesterday visiting with friends. I love those kind of days. And your dinner sounds delicious!!! The one thing I love about all the cooking I have been doing is how good my house smells when I am cooking. Today I will be cooking meatballs in the crockpot, so I know my house is going to smell wonderful all day long.

  2. You mentioned those meatballs the other day, and it sounds so good! I haven't made meatballs in years. Think I will do that soon. I'll have to find my recipe. It had ground beef and sausage, and sausage always makes the best flavor. Let's talk bout your recipe, too. And if they turn out well, put the recipe on the Cookin' Corner blog!

  3. know better. I don't have a recipe...I bought frozen meatballs. Now the sauce...I guess you could say that is a recipe since I had to buy things to make it. I didn't end up making them today because I was gone all day and then I went to Sonic to get some corn dogs since they are on sale for 50 cents. But..when I do make them I will post the semi-recipe.

  4. Nice coat!!! I like impromptu meeting up with friends too. I agree... sometimes those are the times that are most fun. :-)

  5. Oh, Caroline, you goober!! I almost said something about being impressed at how you doing so much cooking these days!!

    Thanks, Daisy, I'm very happy with it. Yeah, it is fun to just run into a friend or friends like that. I ran to the hardware store for a couple things today, and ran into a couple that I don't see all that often. We just stood in an aisle and chatted for 30 minutes or so. A nice surprise!

  6. I'm laughing at the pic of you - you do look grim! Not the usually sunshiny smiley Lynilu

  7. I know! Isn't it a hoot? Linda explained to me that photography is MY forté, painting is HERS!!


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