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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm broken

Or at least, my sleep is. I haven't been able to sleep well for several nights, but for a change it isn't because of me waking up for some reason. Nope, I can blame this on the dogs.

Apparently there is something wandering around here at night. The pups hear it and take off for the back yard, barking like crazy. This happens several times a night. I have no idea what is out there, so I get up, call them back in, and go back to sleep. I mean, if it is the elk wandering, that is one thing, but it could be coyotes.

When I bought the dogfood yesterday, I noticed that I saw only one kitten at the feed store. They usually have several cats and occasional litters of kittens. They let them stay there and feed, because their presence keeps rodents at bay. I noted that to the young lady who helps me, and she said that all but one adult cat and two kittens have disappeared recently. They don't know why, but suspect coyotes. That kinda confirmed my concerns about letting my little guys be out alone.

I normally keep the dog door open so they can relieve themselves. They've usually just gone out, pottied and then are right back in. This barking over and over through the night is something new. When they are doing this repetitive barking thing, I put the dog door cover on so they have to stay in. Last night I did so, and it worked. Sorta.

Jazi was the one doing most of the barking. When I brought her in for the 5th time, I was exhausted, and put the door in place. I also turned on the radio in hopes that it would cover the noise enough to interrupt her need to protect the property. Inside the house she began barking again some time later. I was so tired and groggy that I don't know if it was five minutes or two hours later. I ignored her, telling her to go back to sleep. She and I shouted at each other several times, and I covered my head. Thankfully, she got quiet and got on the bed. I got almost two hours of uninterrupted sleep! Woo,woo!

And this morning I found a pee spot on the freshly cleaned carpet!! ARRRGGGHHHH. I don't get why she didn't take care of business while she was out there barking those five times!!

I cleaned the spot, treated it, and I'll run the cleaner over that area again today before I return the machine. Then, I suspect I'll be napping on the new sofa this afternoon.


  1. Sorry that you have not been able to get some good sleep lately and I am really sorry that one of your babies had an accident last night. I know that is probably really frustrating since you just cleaned the carpet.

    Enjoy your nap.

  2. You know, I think I'm more upset at me for not realizing she was wanting to go outside on business, not pleasure. I've learned that when she barks *at me* like that, she needs food/water/potty. I was so tired that it didn't register. Yeah, it was a little frustrating, but I have to shoulder some of the blame.

    I will enjoy the nap. I returned the carpet cleaner, and now I'm just waiting for the delivery!

  3. Dogs got to love them!!?? Buford the innocent beagle had a party last night and I came down to garbage strewn from the kitchen to the dining room and the living room. Pepper was kenneled in J's room so I know it was him.

  4. keep your little doggies inside after dark!! those coyotes might be looking for food.

    i let simon sir poopalot go out but he won't go the bathroom outside at night without me with him...i stand outside with my flashlight as a bodyguard.

    there is a strip of land behind the house that goes to a wooded area, farm land and the river. i swear we have had coyotes come back into our neighborhood.

  5. Bobbie, I'm not sure we gotta, but if we didn't, they wouldn't live as long!!

    Mary, I know, I know! I did the doggy door because I couldn't get signals from all of them about going out, and my carpet just couldn't take much more. They all know, and only rarely have accidents, but *I* don't always "get it" when they want to go out. I need to be more present with them, clearly.

  6. my dog has started having accidents inside because i have to work longer with my new job and the daylight is getting shorter. in january my hours will go down but yikes not sure what i will do in the meantime.

    oh well. i need new carpets anyway. but then why bother with new carpets with dogs. guess i will replace the carpeting right before i sell the house!!

  7. HAAAA ha ha! Mary, I like your ability to make a quick, solid decision!!


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