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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Productive day

I'm taking a little break from cleaning the carpet. Sitting on the deck is a great way to cool down, and it is so pleasant out here. The Elk are bugling all around me this evening. It sounds like there are more than usual, maybe four or five out there. I love it when I hear their bugling. The sound is so eerie. I tried to record it, but they are far enough away that I could barely hear it on the camera audio, so I can't share it. They are close for me but too far to record.

I went into Ruidoso to buy dogfood and while I was there, I stopped as a furniture store I've been frequenting. My couch is completely threadbare. I was going to recover it, but a friend sat on it a while back and apparently her girth broke or cracked the frame. So I began looking for a new one, but what I can afford I didn't want, and what I liked was off my budget scale. The guy at the store I stopped at has been calling me when he finds something that might appeal to me, but there hasn't been a match. He called me a few days ago and said next time I'm in town to stop by as he had something that I might like.

What he had was a Lazyboy sleeper sofa (which was what I wanted) that a couple bought in the summer. After getting it home, one or the other of them didn't like it. Finally they asked if he would take it back, and they would buy another one. He did and they did. Then he called me. He refunded 1/3 of their money, and they paid full price for the new couch. He showed me the invoice so I could see what he gave them. I paid him that 1/3, and got a sofa which was used for two or three months! Hot damn!!! And the gods were smiling on me, because, while it wasn't exactly what I had in mind, it is very nice and comfortable, very acceptable fabric, will go well with my decor, I'm sure. It is being delivered tomorrow afternoon!

From there I stopped and rented a carpet shampooer. I was going to do it later in the week, but decided to go ahead so the carpet will be nice and clean then the sofa is placed. I'm nearly finished cleaning it, just taking a break for a few minutes. BTW, the last three times I've cleaned the carpet, I've used no soap except on spots. I had noticed that there were spots that showed up after shampooing, and they seemed to be the kind of spots that happen when something in the carpet attracts and holds the dirt, rather than spills or such. Today is the first time I have not had excessive amounts of old soap residue coming out! I think I've got it licked!

OK, I gotta get back and finish the task. I'm beginning to think I need to bite the bullet and purchase my own carpet cleaner. Considering 5 dogs X 4 feet = a lot of dirt tracked in, I need to clean the carpet about every 4-5 weeks, so at $25 per rental, I could pay for it rather quickly. Probably a good thing to do.

Work, Lyn, work!! Isn't it pathetic when I have to yell at myself to get me going???


  1. Gee...I never know what you will come home with when you go to town. :) Can't wait to see the couch. I didn't really understand what you were saying about paying the 1/3 and having a couch for 2 or 3 months???? Did you only have to pay him the 1/3 for the couch or will you be making payments for a couple months.

  2. We own a carpet shampooer love it. Got a great deal on it too. I cant wait to see the new sofa.

  3. I was wondering the same as Caroline...didnt understand that at all lol Glad she asked first!!

  4. Hmmm. OK, I'll try again.

    People bought the couch, used it 2-3 months and returned it. The store owner returned 1/3 of the original cost to them ($400). I bought the sofa for that amount. I have a sleeper sofa, nearly new (looks brand new), for 1/3 what it cost 3 months ago when they bought it.

    Now does it make sense?

  5. Ahhhh...Ok...that makes sense now. :)

  6. great deal, glad you found something at the "right" price.

    (if it makes you feel better, I got it the first time I read it.)

    have a great day!

  7. Thank you, Kim! I went back and reread it, and I thought it was clear, too. I am so happy about the price I paid. Marvin's wife said that she was strongly considering taking the sofa home, but Marvin vetoed that, saying only if I refused it! I guess it was meant to be mine!

  8. How Cool!!! CONGRATULATIONS on getting a new sofa for a great price!!!

  9. Thank you, ma'am!! I'm happy with it!


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