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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My work on the second table is coming along well. I'm on the last of the Petroglyphs designs. Once those are finished, I will do some touch-ups, a few small boo-boos, and then I will be able to put the protective finish on and .... voilĂ !!!

This has gone much better than I expected. Perhaps part of it is because I have a system now; perhaps because I know what to expect of the paints; perhaps I've learned which brushes work best in each area so there is less hesitation on my part. I don't know, but I'm glad it is working. The only problem has been that the dogs have run into the table several times while playing, causing me to put paint where I didn't want it. Fortunately, it has all cleaned up well.

I hope to finish all the detail work tonight. If the weather holds out decently, I will put the finish on tomorrow morning and let it dry during the day. Then I can bring it in tomorrow night. But if weather is icky, damp (and it is likely to rain tomorrow) or too windy, I won't try to do it. If it's raining, the air will be too humid to allow enough drying for me to handle it by evening; if it is too windy I'll wind up with too much debris in the finish. I have to get it inside, finished or not, tomorrow night.

If I can't finish it tomorrow, I'll have to wait till the weekend to do so. I'm leaving Thursday morning to drive near Lubbock where my sister and brother-in-law are now living. I'm making just a fast trip, one night stay, to see them, and to let my sis know I really will be coming to visit as frequently as possible. She seems to be dealing with the move fairly well, as does her hub, but it is another change for them, and that alone is stressful.

I'll spend Thursday afternoon with my sis, then camp out at my nephew's house for the night, and back to hang out with my sis again on Friday morning. Then I'll head home Friday afternoon. Hopefully, I'll be able to go back for another, longer stay in a month or six weeks.

I'm looking forward to the visit for another reason, too. My nephew's kids are with him for an extended stay. They live in Montana, so I don't see them often. I'm thinking the last time I saw them was in 2003 when their mom surprised everyone by showing up with the kids at a family reunion. Much water has passed under the bridge since that time, the kids have, I'm sure, grown unimaginable amounts, and I will be thrilled to see them again. The baby was around 2 when I last saw him. He would be about 8 now. Big changes! I hope the older kids remember me, at least a little.

OK, I need to get back to the table. Later, y'all!


  1. I cant wait to see pictures. Kids grow and change so much you will be so surprised.

  2. Your dogs running and playing and getting paint where you didn't want it?? I am shocked. :) Can't wait to see the finished table.

    I am glad you will be going to see your sister tomorrow. I know she will be very happy to see you and spend some time with you. Drive carefully.

  3. Bobbie, I'm really looking forward to seeing them. Pictures will follow, for sure!

    Caroline, perhaps I should leave the bloopers. That way The Kids will have made their signature on the table, as well!! As for the trip to see my sis, I'm thinking I may have to reschedule, depending on how long it takes to bet water back in the house. I still have to do laundry and some cleaning once I have water again. arghh. I just don't know.

  4. Hope you have a nice visit, nothing like family.
    Even if those kids don't remember you they will love you from the get-go!

  5. Thanks, Patti. Family rocks, for sure. I'm really looking forward to it!


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