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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NO, NO, NO!!!

I must not be living right. Really. No, REALLY!

Last night I got ready to take a shower around 9:30. I decided I would put a load of clothes in the washer before I showered. I did and pushed the appropriate buttons, and went around the corner to the bedroom. I was getting out fresh jammies when the washer began beeping. I went back and looked at it. There was an error message. I had no idea what it meant, so I went to the office to get the book. Hmmm. OK, the beep wasn't fitting any of the patterns described. The closest one had to do with checking hose connections and being sure I'm using HE (High Efficiency) detergent. I did and I was. Then I looked at some other possibilities; none seemed to fit.

I was feeling high angst, because this could mean an expensive service call. I didn't buy the extended warranty because, frankly, I couldn't budget it. grooooan. I tried starting the washer again. Same result. Keeeee-rap. I decided there was nothing I could do at that moment, so go on to shower and to bed.

I thought I'd rinse the couple things I'd left on the counter in the kitchen, a cup and a glass, and put them in the dishwasher. One less thing for the morning. I turned the faucet to rinse tea out of the cup, and ..... nothing.


Nope, no water. Hmmm. I had noticed earlier that the pressure seemed low in the kitchen. Maybe something was wrong in the pipes there, so I tried the bathroom sink. Nothing.

Wha ....??

And it hit me. Something was wrong in/with the well. Keeee-rap, double, triple, quadruple keeee-rap!! OK, the wind is blowing hard. Is it possible the power is out in the well-house? I don't even know if it is wired so that could happen without the house being effected. So I got a flashlight, put on a jacket, and trekked down the hill. I flipped the switch, and there was power. The gauge on the water pump system, however, was on 0. There was no pressure registering on it. Sighhh.

Up the hill, stewing the whole way about now a new potential cost, as this means a call to the well company, the plumber, the electrician, and god-knows-what. Could my pocket in the aquifer be dried up? That would mean repositioning the pump at the bottom of the line. Might a new hole need to be drilled, if repositioning doesn't resolve it? That would be potentially very expensive. Other unpleasant possibilities went through my head over and over. I was feeling awful, nauseated with worry.

By now it is almost 11:00. I sent a text message to Allan, as he gets off at 11:00. He called me back shortly afterward, and we talked about what it could be and who do I call, etc. Then I went to bed. Not to sleep, mind you. To toss and turn, worrying about the whole mess.

This morning I called the well service company. The man was out within the hour. It looks like it is going to require a new pump. That means a relatively easy fix. It will be done today, probably before noon. The bad thing is that it is going to cost me the proverbial arm and a leg. Probably in the neighborhood of $2000.

But the washer doesn't need repair.

Excuse me I'm going to go cry now. Right after I throw up.



  1. I am sorry and I know money is tight but there are reasons to be thankful its NOT the washer which would be expensive. Its a steep price but its BETTER then having to drill new and replacing everything. Hugs

  2. In know, Bobbie. It's just one of those times that I'm left wondering, "Why?" I'm actually fine, and reminded that there is NEVER a good time for this kind of expense.

  3. Yikes you did get hit with a whammy and a half. So sorry Lynilu. It couldn't happen to a sweeter less-deserving person!

  4. Ha ha, Patti, I usually wouldn't want to be called "less-deserving," but this time? Okey-dokey!! Thanks.

  5. don't throw up you will have no water to clean it up with . . .sorry about the bum well . . .

  6. what a bummer about the well. Glad you got it fixed and all is well.

  7. Beans, you crack me up, girl!!!

    MJ, thanks.

  8. ouch. sorry to hear about that!!
    \\but hey, don't throw up until the water comes back...otherwise how will you clean up the mess?


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