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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting ready for turkey day

I'm back from the store with my "little Thanksgiving." I'm going out to dinner with friends tomorrow, but I want "leftovers." I'm not making a whole dinner, just the parts I like: turkey (who doesn't love turkey sandwiches?), my own cranberry/raspberry relish, and sweet potato pie. That's all I need. I'm not a fan of dressing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and all that other stuff. I don't care for pumpkin pie, ambrosia, all that stuff. Now .... if I'm having guests, I'll make it all for them, for you guys. But not for me. Friday I will be baking, then eating all weekend on this stuff. Since it is supposed to snow Sunday and Monday, I'm in for the weekend with good food. Oh, and eggnog! Mmmm. Should I check the rum supply? Probably. What's eggnog without rum!

Speaking of snow, there is still snow on the top of the mountain. It snowed almost a month ago, near the end of October. That is pretty early for us, but we had a good snow. My snow was melted within a couple days, and on the mountain, it would usually be gone in a week or so at this time of the year, since the weather warmed up again after that. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been unseasonably warm, but warm enough that I expected the mountaintop to melt. I guess the upper levels of the atmosphere are far cooler than down here. This might turn into a good year for skiing. I don't ski, but ....

Max has hurt his foot. I don't know what he did. Last night he was fine, and I didn't hear any yelps or anything of the sort, but around 8:00, he began limping or holding the foot up and licking at it. I've looked, but I can't see anything wrong. He is licking the pads and between the toes, and I'm guessing he might have caught a claw and twisted it. None is torn or broken. He is still favoring the foot today, but it seems to be less bothersome to him. I feel bad, but since I can't see anything and he doesn't wince when I press and prod, I'm inclined to think it isn't urgent. I'll just watch him, and I'm betting he will be fine.

Jazi is certainly "my girl." Earlier, it was 41° outside, and she was curled up, comfortable as can be in a little doggy bed on the deck. She is like me, prefers her surroundings cool. The others may crawl under a blanket to sleep, especially Lola, but not my Jazmyn! She will fight to be on top of the blanket! She was out there for a couple hours, just as relaxed as she can be. Last night, when I threw the blanket on the bed, they were all under it. It was less than two minutes before she was out from under and spreading out on the top where it was cooler. She is so funny.

That's it for now. I need to make the cranberry relish so it can mellow for a couple days. Much better that way!

Sooooo .... later!!!


  1. Sounds delish - we are doing a small turkey breast for at-home too and we put bourbon in our eggnog down south here!
    How precious is she! I just want to smooch and smooch and smooch that little face!

  2. I've never cared for whiskey of any sort, so it's rum for me!

    And listen, that little face would love to be smooched and smooched! She loves people. Someone walks in the door, and if they are lucky, their butts actually hit the chair before she in in their lap!! She's a lover, fer sher!!

  3. Oh my the thought of turkey and also left-overs just gets me so fav meal in the whole world, and I have to wait a few weeks yet. Enjoy your weekend with your friends and Happy Thanksgiving to all. Dont we all have so much to be thankful for and you left such a moving message in F/B. I'm thankful that I beat the BIG C in 2002. Everyday when I put both feet on the floor I think well here I am again...fooled them for another day LOL


  4. Ruth, why do you have to wait a few weeks? Turkey is good, whenever you want to have it!!

    I've very glad you are cancer free. That is a wonderful thing, for sure, and a reason for daily thanksgiving, isn't it?


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