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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving evening

Ohhhhhhhh, what a fabulous day! This may be the best Thanksgiving dinner ever. Absolutely the best!

I picked up a couple friends, and we met five others there. And, folks, I'm sorry, but I forgot to grab the camera. So bite me! Anyway, we convened at the casino dining room and first shared a mimosa to kick everything off. We chatted for a little while, introduced ourselves to those we haven't met before. We had seven women and one man. God love him, it didn't seem to bother him in the least! He was right in the middle of the talking with the rest of us. What a good guy!

When we walked in, the other group was already there. A bit of a mixup made us a few minutes late. We thought another person was meeting us to ride in my car, but she was with the other group. No problem. And I knew it was going to be a very good day when one friend looked at me as we walked to the table and said "How much weight have you lost?" Hot damn!! So it is noticeable!! She hasn't seen me for a couple months, making it more obvious to her. How wonderful!!

While we were talking, our waiter came around and unfolded our napkins, placing them in our laps. I haven't had that done for a long time. I guess that speaks to the kind of dining establishments I frequent, doesn't it? LOL! Throughout dinner, if we left the table to get more food, he slipped over and twirled our napkins back into a nice shape, placing it at out place so that it was nice and neat when we returned. Isn't it funny how a little thing like that makes a person feel special?

Then we began .... to eat. And eat. And eat. Lawdy!! I had the biggest shrimp I've seen in ages, muscles in the shell, tuna with wasabi sauce, crab legs, several cheeses, an assortment of fruit and hardbread with herbed butter for starters. Then I went back for turkey rolled with mushrooms and spinach and other stuff, ham, scallops, mashed potatoes with carmalized onions, spicy green beans, salad, duck, and several unidentified side dishes that were w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l! Throw in another mimosa, for good measure. Finally back for another plate full of chocolate dipped strawberries, mini tarts, mini pecan pie, mini cheese cakes, black forest cake, carrot cake, German chocolate cake, and several petit fours. A couple cups of coffee to wash it down, then we leaned back in our chairs and just sipped coffee and visited for another hour. All told, dinner took about 2.5 hours, and was just about perfect.

Believe it or not, I was full, but I never felt uncomfortable. My food intake has been smaller for months now, and it is easy for me to over do it, but after three plates full as described above, I didn't feel stuffed.

And the company was absolutely the best. We had the greatest conversations around the table. I laughed and talked and laughed some more. How can that not be a perfect day? I enjoyed the day so much with excellent food and even better company.

I'm home with The Kids, tucked in for the evening. I probably won't be eating dinner tonight, go figure! Possibly some cheese and crackers, maybe a glass of eggnog. Just relaxing and probably watching a movie or two. Life is very good.

And how was your day?


  1. Wow...the food you had sounds delicious!! I am so glad you had a good day with your friends.

    My day was perfect. It was perfect weather and then I had dinner with the perfect people. It was a great day for me as well.

  2. Sounds wonderful! Especially the mimosa. I've been jonesing for a mimosa!

    It was just going to be the four of us again, but some friends invited us over and it was a lot of fun. The kind of friends where my kids can be themselves and not necessarily "on their best behavior". Good food, good friends, a TON of laughing. It was superb!

  3. Caroline, it was better than delicious! Wow, I could eat like that every day!! I'm glad you day was good, too.

    Jenster, I enjoyed the mimosa. I can't drink plain champagne. It gives me a horrible headache, but mixed with something like the oj, a little sugar content, it cuts that. And your day sounds perfect, too! It all works out, doesn't it?

  4. Your day was truly a sweet one dear heart...and I am so glad. It is one of those days that live long in memory and just mnake you smile and feel warm all over when you think back on it!
    Good food, loved ones, dioes not get any better than that!

  5. Susie, you are so right about that. I've had lots a good memory-making moments recently. I'm not just kidding when I say my life is blessed!

    Love you, too!

  6. My tummy hurts just reading all that! I really wished Thanksgiving that I could eat more but I just waited before I had some pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Ahhh it was good though!

  7. Sounds to me like you crashed the state dinner at the White House too.

  8. Patti, believe it or not, I didn't over eat. I do will with a buffet, because I can pick and chose, and I tend to be more moderate. But it was all wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!

    Ha ha, Dave, that crasher was a younger blond! But yeah, it was good enough to suit the WH. This restaurant is a top quality place, and the food is always excellent.

  9. Your description of the food make my mouth water...yum yum.


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