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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving wishes

I was going to publish this tomorrow, but I want to be sure to catch as many of you as possible before you head off on your holiday travels and events. So here it is, one day earlier than planned.

Thursday is Thanksgiving, and I want to take this time to wish all of you the happiest of of days and blessings abundant in your lives.

I wish you enough. Enough is plenty, and plenty is a bounty. To wish for more would be folly and would take away from others who don't have enough.

I hope for peace. Peace in our hearts, peace for everyone, everywhere, for all time. That which bring us peace nourishes our souls and fills our lives.

I wish you love. Love from family, love from friends, unconditional love that fills your heart and blesses you beyond your most wondrous dreams. Every person deserves to be loved and love in return.

I pray for your needs to be met. For shelter, for nourishment, for comforts to keep you from harm.

I wish for you peace of mind. Whatever are the worries you may have, I hope they may be lifted from your shoulders. Without a load on your shoulders, may you soar above the clouds that block your view of all that is possible.

I am thankful for everyone in my life. My family, the ones I didn't choose and whom didn't choose me, but whom I choose to hold close to my heart for the rest of my life, who share my genes and other familial bonds that withstand everything. My friends, those I have chosen in real life or on the internet, the ones who put up with my foibles, my insecurities, my inconsistencies, my craziness, who laugh at my bad jokes and laugh with me when I'm happy, and who hold me tightly in their arms or hearts when I'm sad or broken. You are the greatest treasures I have, and I am thankful that you've chosen to slow down long enough to share this time with me.

Lastly, my favorite Irish blessing ....

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

traditional gaelic blessing

Take a minute and enjoy this:

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!


  1. Thank you and the same right back!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you Lyn. :)
    Wishing you a really wonderful celebration, right on through the weekend. Have some yummy food and yummy experiences.

  3. Thank you dear friend, for all of those wonderful wishes! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!

  4. Thank you and, back at ya lady, I could not have said it any better. As you converse with those we both know and love please tell them I said hello and, I hope they are doing well.


  5. You have such a beautiful way with words Lyn. You have such a way to make everyone feel special, even a foreigner like myself LOL
    I hope you have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving along with whoever you share it with.
    Cheers from north of the border.....

  6. Thanks everyone!

    DJ, tell your folks I send my best to them, also.

    Ruth, thanks, dear. You know, of course, that Canadians are simply "Northern Americans"!!! LOL! Or are we "Southern Canadians"??

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA I cant even begin to discuss that (with a southern Canadian) I dont have enough back-up for a fair discussion.

  8. Thank you for the message, it was great to send us out on our journeys. Love you, lynn

  9. What a wonderful post. Thank you and I wish the same for you.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  10. Hey, Lynn, I'm glad to see you. Are you traveling? Be safe! I love you, too!

    Kim, thanks. You have a good day/weekend with the family. I know MJ is looking forward to it. Peace.


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