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Saturday, November 07, 2009

The trip in review

My trip was good. Way too fast, but good. Driving a bit over four hours, spending the night and driving back the next day was too much. I wasn't exhausted, but darn tired. I'm glad I went, I enjoyed seeing family, and when I go back, I'll plan to stay two or three nights.

I just didn't have time to stay longer this time. The move of my sister and brother-in-law happened quickly, and I wanted to get over to see them as soon as I could. I'm hoping to go back in December if at all possible.

It was good to see that my sis and BIL are settling in nicely. They still have some organization to do, but their little apartment is very nice and will be comfortable for them, I think. They are both doing very well. In fact, my BIL is doing better than we expected. When I left, however, I hugged him and said I would be back soon, and he just began sobbing. He calmed own most of the way before I left, but I felt so bad. He didn't express himself, but we think he was just sad that I was leaving after it being so long since we last saw each other. Yeah, I do need to get back there soon.

Here is what happens when you try to take a picture of an eight year old. I got a lot of blurs of this kid!

The older kids were blurs in quite a few pictures, too, and rather than trying to sort out the few decent ones, I simply ordered the whole family to sit down! A good picture of everyone, including the two chihuahuas!

The kids will be returning to their mother's home in Montana the first part of next month. It was very nice to see them. Geez, they've grown! Six years makes for a lot of changes with kids. They are really nice kids. I'm glad the custody is finally resolved so they can have these wonderful long visits with their dad, my nephew. His current wife is an amazing woman, perfect for my nephew and wonderful with the kids. I'm SO glad they found each other.

I had to pick up a couple things at Target, so we ran there, and I saw a World Market next door. I wanted to find some small salad plates. I broke one in my set the other day. It really upset me because it can't be replaced. I bought these at Linens & Things. I have place settings for eight, and I intended to buy another four. When LNT was going out of business, I looked online to see if I could get them. Yes, they still had a few. Well, dingy me didn't order them right then and there for some crazy reason, and a couple days later, they were were all gone!!

So now I wanted to buy a few salad plates as those are what I most often eat on. They didn't have to match, but something that would look good along side them would be a plus.

This is what they look like. Very plain, go with everything.

I was hoping to find something in WM to complement them, a cobalt if possible, since my linens are from sky blue to cobalt.

I looked around, and wasn't finding anything that would look good with these, so I was considering some other possibilities, something simply utilitarian.

And then I turned around and saw this.....

I bought four dinner plates and six salad plates, so I now have enough for twelve if necessary and extra salad plates for my daily use.

But the best part? I got to the checkout and found out they were on sale! Half-price! $34 and some change for the whole batch! Hot diggedy damn, woo hoo, and zippedy do dah!!!

I love when things turn out like that. Love it, love it!


  1. That was a very fast trip Lyn, just a bit too much. Glad that you were able to find some plates that you like. I have dishes just stacked everywhere and I don't know why. I have a thing for them.

  2. love the world market . . .we try and go when we do the Wisconsin trip. glad your speedy trip was good . . .

  3. Wow that was a fast trip, but I'm glad you went. I like your new dishes.

  4. Ah, Moni, I wish I had room to stack more! My storage space is so limited that I have to keep my belongings to a minimum. I knew when I planned the trip that I was pushing myself, but I felt I had to do it because I knew I couldn't for a while. sometimes you jus do what ya gotta, you know?

    Beans, absolutely one of my favorite places, too! There was one in KC, and I've greatly missed it, so I'm thrilled there is one close to where I will be visiting frequently!

    Daisy, I'm glad I went, too. One never knows how many days you actually have to share those hugs, so we should take advantage of every opportunity. And thanks.

    ~ ~ ~ ~
    You know, it occurs to me that if I get into the car to drive to FL to see my daughter, I drive 6-7 hours every day till I get there. That means about 4 days if I don't linger along the way. I'm tired when I get there, but not severely. I think because this felt rushed to me, it impacted on me differently. Isn't it odd how we can influence ourselves like that?

  5. " I hugged him and said I would be back soon, and he just began sobbing."

    oh, that is heart breaking. maybe he realizes that this could be the last goodbye. ya never know...

  6. Mary, I don't doubt it at all. He's been very close to leaving in the last few months as it is. Bless his heart, he is nearing 89, frail and I'm sure he feels his mortality. And he and I have been close for all the 54 years he has been in our family. I was just a kid of 11 when he married my sis, and he's always been a favorite buddy of mine. I'm sure the affection is returned. A very special gentle man.

  7. I love the plates so very pretty and colorful and its even neater when they are half off. I am glad your sis and bil are adjusting adjusting can be hard for older folks. I miss the funnies but understand the business of the day.

  8. Oh how I miss World Market; especially now that the holidays are coming up. They always had great little things for the holidays.

    Glad you were able to go visit your sis and BIL. I am sure your BIL breaking down when you left just broke your heart. I am glad you will get to go visit them more often now that they are closer.

  9. Thanks, Bobbie. Yes, it is harder to make adjustment as you grow older. I can attest to that. I know I will likely face it one day, too. ugh.

    Caroline, I'd forgotten how much I like WM till I saw it, and I was almost drooling!

    I'm so glad they are closer again, too. I don't know how often my other siblings saw them at the other place, but not often, I think. I only got there once in 2 years, because it was about 10 hours or so to drive for me. This is better for at least 2 of us.

  10. I like the pattern!

    I am so glad you got to spend some time with your family however brief. Family is so important :)

  11. Thanks, Patti, and yes, family is most important of all.

  12. Ahhh...your brother in law sounds like a wonderful man. I bet he was remembering you as an 11 year old and thinking what a great lady that young girl grew up to be.


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