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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A young man's fancy ....

I drove into Ruidoso today, and as I was driving down a secondary road, I found these guys in someone's front yard:

A small group of male deer. Nothing spectacular about my photos, unfortunately. I was trying to get pictures of them "sparring." They were lightly locking horns, but without a very serious note to it.

I didn't get pix of that because traffic was backing up on the narrow road. They would lock horns for just a few seconds, then go back to grazing.

The velvet is gone from the antlers. Soon the sparring will be for real, as they begin to collect their harems.

Isn't it interesting that we think of "a young man's fancy turns to love" in the spring, but for much of the natural world, "love" interests .... or lust interests .... come in the fall.


  1. The deer have been in our neighborhood as well. I love watching them.

  2. have you seen the stags beginning to joust? It is amazing to watch.

  3. I love deer! So graceful yet the males look manly too. Does that make sense? LOL

  4. How cool to see deer in a front yard! Thanks for sharing. Well, they don't much care for the desert, but we do see Antelope.

  5. again--so freaking jealous of the wildlife you get to see . . .

  6. Beans, quitcherbitchin, and come experience it!!


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