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Monday, December 07, 2009

Are ya tired of snow pictures?

This is from the second snowfall. The first one had all melted off the trees by the time this one fell.

Look at that icicle on the end of the handrail! It's almost three feet long!

And I laughed when I saw my pot full of hen and chicks. Quite a head on that!

The railing up the ramp had eight to ten inches on it.

And finally, the girl is still around! She hasn't been sleeping in the usual spot out the back door, and I'm thinking she has a more protected place somewhere during this heavy snow. But she's still here, that's what matters.

It's all good.


  1. Never get tired of snow pics or your beautiful little visitor!

  2. Had snow here ws more ice rain than snow and has already melted

  3. Your little Doe is so pretty and I love you snow. Very pretty. I think you will get a lot of wind tomorrow. :(

  4. Thanks, Patti. I'm glad.

    Mary, there is foul weather all over the place! I may get more snow tonight, but it looks like it will just be a smidge. Blizzard conditions are scattered all over the US.

    Daisy, thank you!

    Moni, she is pretty! Yes, they say we may be getting 50 mph+. Arghhh.


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