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Sunday, December 06, 2009

I've been all over the US today

I have had a fun day. Not exciting news or stories of adventures out of the house, but a fun day, nevertheless.

First I talked to Caroline in Kansas this morning, just for the heck of it. My morning had begun rather grimly with waking up just purely mad at the world for how my current health issues is messing with my life, especially just as I've found someone to share a significant part of my life with. So I stomped around for a while, grousing and grumbling, then got it out of my system and called Caroline. We had a good chat.

I got off the phone and went through my email and checked out the blogs and Facebook. I had a long letter to answer from an old high school friend. We've been corresponding for a few weeks, having long philosophical and informational letters by way of catching up. I have enjoyed our letters very much. We were in a few classes together (being as we were both brainiacs of sorts! LOL!), and in band and orchestra, yet we hardly knew each other. In his words, he was in his own nerdy little world, and perhaps so. He was one of those people I always admired because he was just a nice, quiet introvert. He has lived several place in the US, is now in Salt Lake City with the university there and considering whether to continue working or retire. Our contrasting backgrounds, his Jewish, mine Christian, give us some interesting fodder for looking at how we both have come to our current belief systems. I spent about 45 minutes responding to his last letter, being very thoughtful and deep. Boy, it is fun to find someone new/old who asks questions and bring up things that people you've known more recently overlook.

Then I watched a couple movies, had some lunch and began another movie and my phone rang. It was another of my old high school friends. This one emerged on Classmates not long ago, and we exchanged a couple emails. Then he said he would like to call me as he "talks better then he types." No problem. Although I didn't know him really well, he was a decent guy, and since he lives in Hawaii, I didn't figure he would be much of a serial killer threat! We talked for about 2.5 hours! Gosh, we covered about every topic imaginable, and we still have a lot to talk about. It is funny how I could encounter someone such as this, someone I barely knew 50 years ago, but we find many common thoughts and ideas that link us intellectually at this juncture of our lives. I was just fun to find yet one more person who is so enjoyable and easy to talk with. I got him onto Facebook so he can connect with other old friends if he wishes, and I look forward to future chats with him.

While we were talking, another call beeped in. I checked it and saw the number was from Texas. I wasn't sure who it was, and decided to call the person back when I got off the phone. a little later, the same number beeped in again, and I told him I should probably get off soon and check it, but then I asked him another question. He was answering it when something cut us off. My phone was still charged, so I assumed his had died.

As I began dialing the number, it began to register who I thought it was, and checked the number quickly in my address book. I was right, it was my friend, DJ, one of the contributors to the Cookin' Corner, and a friend from waaaaay back in Kansas City when she went to school with one of my kids. So I finished dialing her number, and when she answered, we ended up talking for about an hour and a half! We haven't talked in a while, and it was good to get caught up. Again, a delightful conversation!

And now .... my ear hurts! Honestly!! What an excellent day of catching up with friends from all over the place! Don't you love that kind of day? I surely do!


  1. Days such as yours can be sooooo fulfilling! All of those contacts and conversations and memories and news and.... are delightful!

  2. Oh, yes, Nick! They don't come very often, and I loved today!!

  3. Glad you had a fun day, what a great way to spend it.
    Are you sure your phone isn't still attached to your ear? :)

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. Kim, it's funny you say that, because, honestly, my ear was kinda burning and sore for a while! I kept rubbing it as if to get rid of something there!

  5. I would rather walk through hot coals than talk on the phone - seriously it's almost a phobia with me so i'm in awe of your skills! :)

  6. Patti, I was like that for years! I think because of having to be tied to a phone at work, I came to resent it. Obviously, I'm over it now!!


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