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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Oh, how cool!!

I've noticed in the last few days another mile marker with the comfort level and adaptation of The Kids. They no longer follow me e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. Yes, they still follow me quite a lot, but I can often (get that? OFTEN!) walk out of the room without all of them, any of them, following me. Don't get me wrong. They still follow me a lot, but I can at least walk to the kitchen or laundry room or bedroom without a parade behind me, in front of me, or under my feet! I can actually go to the bathroom without a parade in tow! What progress!

I think this might be because I've taken a few trips away from them, and I've returned from each one, giving them the message that I can go away for a few days, and that I will return! They are achieving object permanence!! YAY!!! Major development here at Ch├ęz Lynilu!!

This means they are becoming comfortable enough, have enough trust in me, that they can see me go and understand that I will be back. It may be a few minutes, several hours or even many days, but The Mama always comes back.
.... and we're not talking about the weather which is COLD. We're talking about ....

I can't tell you how good it feels that we have reached this milestone. Sammy is the most dramatic example, of course, beginning with the little dog that was so afraid of all humans that he literally pooped on the floor when one looked at him; becoming the little dog who wouldn't leave my side, but still didn't trust that he was safe, as he flinched if I moved too suddenly; and now, to the little guy who sits on the couch, watching me as I move around the house, often out of his sight, and just waits until I return. Sometimes he even goes back to his nap before I come back to the living room!

Lola is a bit behind the others. She's still very much a baby and hasn't been here as long as the others. She can watch me leave without a lot of difficulty, but she still needs to be next to me at rest. It took her a while to want to be there beside me, and I'm glad she finally did. I won't rush her away from wanting to be so close to me; it's part of the bonding and growth process. She will get there eventually. They have their individual quirks, but overall, all five are adjusting. Jazi is pretty independent, but when we go to bed, she needs to spend a few minutes on my lap before we sleep. Joey always wants to be on my right side on the couch; if someone beats him there, he sometimes adjusts, but that's his place. And on and on. But that's "normal," just as with us, quirks that make us who we are.

I love these guys. I'm glad they have reached the level of understanding that we will be together forever. They know ....

.... Life is Beautiful!!!


  1. We have three doggies and they are our children now. We spoil them and they love us unconditionally. No Lyn, I'm not going to stop blogging. I have my own domain name and for years I had blog pages for my high school, the little town in Missouri that I grew up in, local events here in Deming, Lots of stuff about NM, and so on. I am stopping all of that. Too much for me, but I loved it for quite a while. I have had people from all over the country come to NM and to Deming because of my blog and that made me very proud.

  2. Oh, good, Moni! I was hoping that was the deal, although this is a huge milestone for you to leave that part behind, I know. I keep wondering if/when I will tire of some of my auxiliary blogs, too.

    I love my kids, but one of the pushed her limit a while ago! I'll post on that a little later. It's actually a very good thing that I love her as much as I do!!

  3. It has been a real joy watching the "kids" grow and change.

  4. Thanks, MJ. You shoulda been here to experience it first hand! What a trip!

  5. Oh I SO want to come out there and meet them all! Sammy is super duper blessed that you found him!

    Reilly follows me around a LOT. Maybe it's a small dog thing?

  6. I donno, Patti. I had a German Shepherd at tone time that followed me all the time. I think there are just some dogs that have a grateful nature about them. Or perhaps they respond that way because their lives are so changed by us. I'm glad they are so devoted, but I'm also pleased to see that they are being more laid back.Love these guys, fer sher!


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