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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Someone's in big trouble!!

The dog ate (the picture of) my buddy!!!

Seriously, just a few minutes ago, I heard some crunching on the floor by my feet, and this is what I found in Lola's mouth!!!!

There are several other small pieces that didn't show up in the scan.

She should be very happy she is still alive.

She had better remember how lucky she is today.

And I'm surely glad I already scanned this photo!

I was getting ready to have a glass of wine, because this has been a stressful day, and now I'm thinking I'll have at least two!


  1. I hope the wine mellowed you out!

    Ruh roh!

  2. It did, Patti. And I slept like a rock last night. Lola and I are back on good terms, too! LOL!

  3. So glad to hear it, lol. Poor little Lola, just having a snack!!

  4. Moni, I'll tell you, that little girl loves to chew on about anything. She is especially drawn to things that "crunch." I do, too, but I reserve my crunch-fix to things that are supposed to be consumed!

    I finally figured out that she got is when it blew or fell off the coffee table. I'd had it propped up there, and it apparently ended up on the floor. I thought it was in a safe place, but I guess I'll rethink it!!

  5. Oh my...I think someone would have been in time out for a very long time at our house.

  6. MJ, she almost times herself out! I scolded her and she just went into a grieving mode!

  7. Aren't kids great?! I probably wouldn't have stopped with two glasses of wine.

  8. Beans, I think you're right! She's jealous!

    Daisy, I didn't. I didn't quite finish off the bottle, but close!


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