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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Snow photos

I know. I said I wouldn't, but here they are .... snow photos.

I went out to measure the snow on the steps since that is an untouched area, flat, good for measuring as accurately as possible. It seems there is about a seven inch blanket, but I could feel some ice underneath, meaning there was some melt, and I'm guessing the total snowfall has been about 9-10 inches.

While I was there, I saw that I had a visitor, probably last night. If you click on the two photos to enlarge, you'll see footprints on the steps. They're not big enough to be a person, so I'm thinking possibly a large dog. A VERY large dog! And it doesn't look like it came onto the deck, but stopped at the little gate. Interesting!

This one you might need to enlarge this one, also, to see the icicles hanging from the gutter and the bird feeder, too.

I took a few shots through the storm door and window so the birds wouldn't fly off.

Isn't this a pretty baby?

I'm supposed to get another 1-3 inches today. It has slowed down, now mixed with a pretty good fog. I can see only 30-40 yards. Gosh, it is so pretty out there! As you look at these pictures, I promise you'll hear sleigh bells in the distance!!

I love this!

Pretty snow!


And there's Bluebelle. Awww. She looks cold!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! And of course you know that I am totally jealous.

    Enjoy your snow day.

  2. Awww I love that you are sharing your snow via pics!!!
    You don't suppose those tracks could have been a coyote or or a wolf? *shiver*

    Stay warm! We had frost this morning, I almost fell down my front steps. Yikes!

  3. Caroline, it is really pretty. I'd take a walk with the kids, but it is deep enough that they would have trouble getting through it! It's nice to be tucked in warm, anyway.

    Thank you, Miss Daisy!

    Queenie, I think the tracks were much too big for a coyote. Wolf, perhaps, but there aren't a ton of wolves here. Several neighbors have dogs big enough to make near-human-sized prints. I'm enjoying just staying tucked in and cozy today!

  4. Beautiful pictures I love the patterns that ice fog leaves. Enjoy your snow I still say its evil.

  5. So very pretty! I wish we would get some snow like that. Beans might not like it, but she's so much farther South than I am it probably wouldn't be as bad at her place. (*snort*)

    I also love the new blog header!!

  6. Jen, you can have snow any time you want! Ignore Beans! Thanks on the header!


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