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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The sun appears late in the day

After a couple days of living in a world that is mostly white with shades of grey, the clouds began to part shortly before sundown, and I was treated to a fabulous sunset.

I love being nearly surrounded by mountains. It means that the colors reflect all over the place. As some of you know, I'm on the eastern slope of the Sierra Blanca (White Mountain) Range of the Sacremento Mountains, part of the southern Rocky Mountains. To my north is the Vera Cruz Mountain range, and the Carrizo Mountians. And to the north and east is the Capitan Mountain Range. I don't see the actual sunset, because it is on the other side of, in back of, the mountain on which I live. However, the reflections of that sunset on the mountains north and east of me is always spectacular. It is especially wonderful when there are clouds in the sky as well.

So tonight, I was delighted when I looked out and saw this:

The Capitans, to my north and east.

The other end, the east end, of the Capitans.

The Vera Cruz and Carrizo to my north, and slightly west.

This is the tip of Nogal Peak, on the other side of my mountain. I can barely see it from the north end of my deck in the north west.

This is taken from the back of the house, facing west. I can catch just the highest bits of color from the sunset as the slope I'm on and the dozens of slopes beyond that are quite steep, as you can see.

Then I walked back in the house, and I saw what had happened to the colors in the east, against the Capitans. As the sun traveled lower, the hues were deeper and more vivid.

This is a knoll toward the southeast from my house.

The Capitans and the brilliant sky above.

A close up of the Capitans, with the pinks of the sunset bathing the white snow.

Boy, how I love this place!


  1. I like the mountains. You can keep the snow now. I'll tolerate it closer to Christmas maybe.

  2. Sheesh, Dave! How close to Christmas is "tolerable"?? Besides, mountains usually come with snow! C'mon, now! Man up!!


  3. How beautiful and so relaxing. I know I keep saying this, but you are sooo lucky.

  4. I know, Caroline, but I don't get tired of hearing that others see some of the amazing beauty that is my home. Thanks!

  5. Beautiful pictures Lyn. I love mountains. Our two mountains have snow and they make a pretty picture. The Capitans are beautiful. You do live in a very lovely part of New Mexico.:)

  6. Thanks, Daisy!

    Moni, I'm really fortunate in my surroundings, for sure. I really love being in this very special place.

  7. God's paintings never get old do they? I love the mountains but I love the beach to so i'll just stay in the middle of both right where I am LOL
    I hope to see your mountains IRL one day though!

  8. God does pretty darned good work, doesn't he, Patti? You do have a good location for yourself. I couldn't take the humidity, but it's pretty there. And yes, you need to make a trip west! Hie thee here!!

  9. Stunning, just stunning. We get amazing sunsets over our lake, but there is nothing like a mountain sunset. When we took our trip across America, some of the most amazing sunsets were out west. At the Grand Canyon too, of course.
    Glad you get such visual treats, just take it all in and let it go through you. Pure tranquility.

  10. You know, Cheryl, I think it is especially pretty in the mountains because of the refraction of the light, often making the colors more diverse and vibrant. But, as you say, it is pretty over water, too. I loved some of the sunsets on the ocean when we took cruises. Very different from here, but gorgeous.

    It is tranquil here. I love it so much.

  11. You don't find that in KS...beautiful.

  12. MJ, is that your way of saying, "We're not in Kansas, Toto"?? Thanks.


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