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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Cold and Dogs (as opposed to hotdogs?)

Officially, it is 21°. However, the official location closest to me is around 1000 feet lower than where I live. I have not seen my thermometers over 20° today, a long shot from the 34° that was forecast. Currently it says 16.1° right now. Well, if it's gonna be cold, it's just gonna be cold.

Here's one of the nice things about this weather ......

I've been thinking more about the dogs and how well they've got my number. And boy, do they! Either they are smart little buggers or I am extremely predictable! Yeah, probably a combination with emphasis on b.o.r.i.n.g me!

  • When I get up in the morning, Sammy knows my routine. If I reach for my glasses on the night table, he knows I'm getting up for the day, and Sam is on the floor before my feet are!! If I don't put my glasses on, I'm just going to the bathroom and back in bed. Sam just rolls over and goes back to sleep!

  • When it is bedtime, they all know if I'm really going to bed, rather than going to the kitchen or some other place and back to the couch. How? I close the laptop! The screen goes down, and they all high-tail it to the bedroom!

  • They hear animals on TV or car sounds, and they think it it outside here. If I say "It's on TV" quickly enough, they stop before running outside barking! Nowadays, Sammy starts for the door, ready to bark at the trespassing [fill in the blank] on our property, but before he goes out the door, he slows his pace a bit and kinda looks at me as if waiting for further instruction .... "Do I go ahead and bark or is this an "on TV" thing, Mom?" Lawdy, he cracks me up!

  • If I get out the dogs' brush, they all get very excited. Again, it is the treats. After I brush each one, (s)he gets a little treat, then when everyone is done, they each get one more. So on sight of the brush, everyone runs to me! Except Lola. Lola runs and hides where she can "be safe." She usually hides under a chair, and she likes the one with a shawl draped over it, because she puts her head under the end of the shawl, near the floor, and peeks out, as if I can't see her!! What a goofball! Once the others are done, I pull her out, brush her and she gets the treat.

  • They've also learned that when one or more do something wrong, I will pick up the item (a chewed up [fill in the blank]) or point to the no-no, and before the words "What is this?" leave my lips, the offending pup puts his/her head down and cringes! I rarely have to guess who is the culprit who tore up tissues (that's usually Jazi), or chewed up a shoe (Sammy, once in a while Lola), knocked things off the coffee table (Lola's "trick"), chewed up the pen (that can be anyone!). All I have to do is ask "What is this?" or "Who did this?" several times while holding it out for everyone to see, and it's over. They are good Catholic dogs; they bring their own guilt to the confessional! BTW, Jazi has discovered that if I don't close the bottom drawer of my night stand all the way, she can maneuver a paw or her head in and pull out tissues. Occasionally she pulls out one for everyone, and they have a confetti party! Well, they confetti what they don't eat. It's a miracle these dogs' intestines are still working!

These guys really do have me figured out. I don't think that is too bad. Consistency, patterns of expectation, predictability are things they need, just like two-legged children. Since they all came out of unknown circumstances, obviously bad for some of them, that predictability has helped them to adjust. Knowing what to expect gives them the ability to learn the better behaviors, and most important, to relax and feel like this is a good place. They know what the house rules are for the most part.

Boy, I'm lucky. They understand me, and they still like me. What could be any better??


  1. I guess it's cold just about everywhere! It's only fair that you get your share too!! Cold here today too and snowy. When I left school today the talk was all "snow day" but I doubt we'll get that much. It sure was a slippery drive home though and will probably be slippery on the way in tomorrow too.
    I love hearing your stories about your pups. You have quite the variety there. Mine know me well too. It's funny how they learn how certain actions on your part mean different things for them. Mine get especially excited when I put my tennis shoes on as the only time I really wear them is when we are going to the park. They vibrate with excitement! I know yours bring you as much joy as mine bring me. What would we do without them?

    Stay warm! Spring is only a couple months away (officially).

  2. Deb, I wear slippers around the house, and they know when I put on shoes that I'm going somewhere and the begging begins! If it is anything with laces, I almost can't tie them without snagging a nose or two!

    I hear it's going to be very, very cold in FL tonight. This is just amazing!

    You stay warm, too!

  3. Yep, dogs are special that way. We had one who would sit and growl a little bit every night at 9 o'clock. That's when she wanted us to go to bed! The one we have now waits for us to turn off the t.v. So I can relate to you shutting off your computer and that giving them a clue. --Cheryl

  4. Cheryl, my sweet boy who died a year ago used to to a similar thing. I don't think he had a special time, but it came earlier and earlier as he grew older. He would stand at the part of the room closest to the bedroom and give little tiny barks. When we looked at him, his eyes would get big and he looked so hopeful! If we spoke to him, he would turn and trot down the hall. If we didn't follow he would come back and start it all over!!

    They do become family, for sure, don't they?

  5. Oh I do the same thing with Sir Poopalot with the tv. Usually he barks anyway but if I catch it soon enough and say something he will be calm.

  6. You definitely have some smart dogs. Our pets never cease to amaze me in their abilities to comprehend :)

  7. LOL. I am laughing at all the things they do to make sure you are on your toes. It really is like you have 5 toddlers running around the house.

    In the evenings Sophie knows I am going to bed when the TV goes off. Usually when I turn it off she gets up and walks into the bedroom. Our dogs are pretty smart and observant, aren't they.

  8. Our dogs understand much more than most people know.

  9. I'm so sorry we DAMN Canadians are sendint the cold weather your way. See we are generous people who love to share with our neighbours. If I'm meant to shalt thou lol Love the stories about the furry kids...and you know even Bella the Grand dog has learned a totally different routine when she stays over at Grammas.....when she first comes in, she goes through the house from top to bottom like a cyclone till shes sure everything is in the right place...even the tissues. Then curls up behind me on the computer chair. She stays there till I put on my coat. Then she knows its walk, pee and poop time. What on earth would you do without their company and their antics ?

  10. Sadie does those little things that makes me know that she really knows us. When she is away from us, those little things make me miss her a lot.

  11. Mary,isn't it funny how you can redirect the barking, yet they instinctually just keep "guarding" for you?

    Patti, I know some folks don't like pets, but it is their loss. Those of us who are owned by our furry-buddies know how much they bring to our lives. I wouldn't change it one bit.

    Caroline, it certainly is like that! I was thinking that living alone would be very peaceful .... and I wouldn't smile or laugh nearly so often. They make it worthwhile, for sure!

    Moni, oh, yeah they do! and I think they like it like that, so they can catch us off-guard and make us smile!

    Ruthie, Ruthie, Ruthie!!!Calm down, it's OK! ;D I'm glad you have the granddog to visit and liven your days! She sounds like a cutie! I can just see that race! What would we do without them? I don't even want to imagine!

    MJ, isn't is amazing how they inch their ways right into our hearts? Oh, yeahhhhhh.


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