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Thursday, January 07, 2010

What a hoar!

HA!! You think I'm talking dirty and can't spell, right? Nope, but read on and you'll understand.

Day before yesterday one of the bucks that grew up here came by for a short visit. He grazed not far from my back door for around thirty minutes. Notice how the ground is still completely covered? There was actually a small area about a foot square that had no snow, and it was at the base of a tree just off the right edge of this photo.

Yesterday it reached about 55° , and I noticed quite a bit of melting. This is the same area, but the tree trunk on the far left side is the one behind the stag's head in the previous shot. You can see how much melted with that nice warm are and sunshine.
Even my north driveway, which gets almost no direct sun in the winter, melted a lot. This is the drive that I was going down and ended up getting stuck. Yep, I'm really glad to see it melting!

The other end of the drive is on the east, and it has had good conditions for melting. It gets sun in the morning and through early afternoon. I've had no trouble with the snow pack here, but I'm glad to see it getting thawed.

This morning I woke to see fog everywhere, and it was around 20-21°. The fog gradually lifted, but temperatures fell to 13° at 10:00! Day-umm! As the fog disappeared, I could see a few snowflakes floating down, very lazily. And I could begin to see the trees that were covered with a thick hoar frost. You can see in the following pictures that it almost looked like snow, but since it was from a freezing fog, the ice crystals are surrounding many of the branches, not just on top as snow does.

Boy, it was really pretty! IS pretty, because the ice is still there. It is nearly 11:00 and the temperature has gone back up to a toasty warm 15°!! The weather folks say it will get to 34°, but I have my doubts. Wait and see. That's all I can do.

I had planned to run to the post office and mail a couple packages today, but I think I'll stay in. There is nothing urgent in them, and it's just silly to go out in this cold unless I need to. I can mail them on my way to Albuquerque tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'll be thinking of all of you as I sip my hot chocolate on the couch with five dogs keeping me warm!



  1. Beautiful Lyn. You live in a magic place. Love the deer! :)

  2. Thanks, Moni. I'm so glad he comes back to visit now that he is grown up!

  3. I love Ice fog it is so wonderful and I have to admit the snow on the pine trees is nice but 6 foot at once isnt that a little extreme and we are going to get hit again. Ugh

  4. Bobbie, this winter is just getting started, and it has been a doozy all over the place. What's next?

  5. Great always. When I first saw the title of your post I was wondering if you were talking about me. :)

  6. Oh, my! Am I so transparent??? ;D Check out the on I just posted in the newer post! It's a dandy!


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