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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Doin' good!

Yesterday's trip to the doctor in Albuquerque went very well. The doctor is pleased with how I'm doing and the result of the surgery. I will have to go back next week for another check. I sort of expected that, but had hoped it might be the last one for a while. It's OK, better safe than sorry, right?

After the appointment, we had lunch with my friend from childhood who drove down from Santa Fe. It was a wonderful lunch, with three of my favorite people!

Then we flew to Whole Foods for one purpose. I had to buy a pie for my neighbor as a thank you. That's a story for another day!

Then back in the car and down the highway to the airport. Terri did well navigating around in my truck, much larger than she is accustomed to driving. We got there right on schedule for Terri to be cleared for her flight back to Florida, Linda took the wheel, and she and I headed home. We stopped to get ice cream about 30 minutes south of Albuquerque, and while at Cold Stone Creamery, my phone rang. It was Terri, and my heart stopped. Oh no! There must be a problem with her flight!

And what did she say? "I blame you, Mom." WHAT?

As she was going through security, a scan of her laptop set off alarms! Not the bag, mind you, and not Terri herself, but the computer held traces of ...... explosives!?!?!?!? Lord help me, my daughter is a terrorist! After checking every inch of her body and everything she wore or carried, the asked her some questions, and when she said the purpose of her trip was to care for me following surgery, they narrowed it down to her having handled my medications and transferred the residue to her laptop!! Good grief! Yes, she was cleared and was back home by late last night, thank goodness. Of course, I'm left wondering what the hell is the doctor giving me????

The rest of the trip home was uneventful for Linda and I. We stopped where she left her truck about 20 miles from my own home, and I drove that last bit alone. She does not have 4WD, and with the backroads as they are, she couldn't have made it to my home. It felt rather good to be behind the wheel again, but I'm glad it was a short trip. I was tired.

I was in bed shortly after 8:00 last night, and except for the text message from Terri telling me she was home safe, I slept straight through the night, waking after 7:00 this morning.

I'm staying in for the next few days. After two days of trips, I need the rest. We are also expecting another storm tonight and tomorrow. I haven't heard about the details, so it might not limit me from leaving the house, but I don't really care to, anyway. I'm going to do next to nothing except rest and sleep.


  1. Good plan Lyn, take care of yourself so you can party another day. :)

  2. Your daughter's situation is amazing. Does anybody know what they're doing in airport security? Very interesting. Hope you have lots of comfort food while you're snowed in.

  3. I agree, Moni. I'm doing as little as possible now, and it feels wonderful!

    Linda, I don't understand that whole thing. I've wondered if the alarm was not just explosives, but drugs, too. That would make sense, as one of the meds is oxycodone (not sure of the spelling). Nuts, anyway. We were talking about how it is no longer fun to fly anywhere. Yeah, I'm taking it very easy, thanks.

  4. Just checking in on you my dear friend.
    OMG, poor Terri! That sounds like something that would happen to me!
    Take good care of you. Your precious goods ;)

  5. Oh, Patti, thank you. I'm so sorry about your mom. You take care of you, speaking of precious goods. Sending hugs to you, dear girl.

  6. Wow about TL's problem at the airport. Who would have guessed!!! Glad that she didn't have anymore problems and made it home safely.

    I am glad you are going to be taking it easy the next couple of days. Your body needs lots of rest so when you are tired just nap.

  7. Well good for you Lyn, you had a good couple of outings so now you can get some rest. It sounds as though everything is going well, that's wonderful to hear!
    Love Di

  8. Caroline, I know. Who would think that sweet 1st grade teacher in a parochial school with her personal laptop would appear to be so threatening? Unbelievable!

    Yeah, I'm definitely resting. Today has been strange with me dozing off and on all day. I think I've slept nearly half the day, so obviously I needed it. It is nice being lazy and having a good excuse!

    Di, yes, I'm very fortunate to have come through this as well as I did. It is sometimes hard to remember that there is a good reason for the lack of strength, and to allow oneself to just loll in it. I did a good job of it today!


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