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Monday, January 25, 2010

Big day!

Today Terri is taking me on my first "outing" since surgery! Woohoo!! We are going into Ruidoso for lunch with Allan. They haven't seen each other due to (1) weather, (2) my recuperation, and (3) his work schedule. So this is a big day for all of us!

After lunch we will stop at Walmart for a few necessary items. It will be good to see how I do with a 3-4 hour adventure. Tomorrow is my checkup in Albuquerque, followed by Terri's return to her home in Florida. I will hate to see her go, but it is time. And she will be delighted to get home to her warm temps, for sure!

And now .... I gotta get in the shower! Time's a-wastin'!!!


  1. Enjoy! I know you'll miss your daughter when she leaves. Will the doctor give you the okay to drive? Have a fun day.

  2. Sounds like your recovery is moving along nicely. It was nice your daughter was able to be with you. It's also true that there comes a time in such a visit that you both know the need has been met.

  3. I hope you had a nice little journey today and that you didn't over do!
    Love Di

  4. Thanks, all. I'm tired. We were gone about 5 hours, and the long walk (long is relative, as it would normally have been nothing!) through Walmart was the biggest challenge. I am not in pain, I'm just tired.

    All is well. :)

  5. I hope you had a nice day!!!!

  6. Glad the outing went well. Here's to speedy recovery.

  7. Get well soon Lyn! Hope the dr. visit went well and also hope you are getting enough rest. Gotta take it easy for a while yet!


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