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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thankful for Terri

First of all, let me say that whether or not I'm responding to your comments, please know I'm reading all of them. I deeply appreciate each and every one of them.

I continuing to do well. I'm a bit tired, of course, and I'm not pushing it. I know it is going to take me a while to be back to my "normal" energy and alertness level, and I have lots of Kindle books and movies and word/number puzzles to keep me occupied till I'm on top once more.

Thank goodness Terri is here! The snow turned out to be probably about 10-12 inches, followed by pretty serious winds, melting on the roof, and sliding off to make messes in front of several doors. She has cleaned the piles of snow in front of the dogs door and their path to the back yard, something I could not have done.

The dogs were thankful. As you see here, they lined up to worship their goddess. ;D Seriously, they have really bonded with her. When she was here in July, they got to know her, but the distraction of the two children also cut into the bonding. This time is a whole different story. They really like to cuddle with her or sit with her, I think as much as they do me. Lola has slept with Terri two of the nights, and the others have visited her off and on through the night. I'm not letting them sleep on my bed yet, because if they pin me down, as they often do, with two on my right and two on my left, I'm not sure I could move them to get up just yet. I think by the time she goes home I will be able to allow them back on my bed.

Jazi has been breaking the rules anyway! We moved the cedar chest which sits at the foot of my bed about three feet away. The doggie steps leading from the floor to the chest are under a rocking chair in the bedroom, so their path should have been blocked. Little Jazi has jumped onto the chest and from the chest to my bed two nights! I didn't know how she did it the first night, but I was awake and saw her last night. What a determined little character she is! Thank goodness the others haven't caught on! Jazi doesn't crowd me, so it has been OK.

Look at this icicle! It must be nearly four feet long! It formed today, and I've watched it grow outside the window. Well, it actually started this morning as about eight inches or a foot, and through the day, the melt and re-freeze made this amazing ice cane.

If you missed my comment yesterday about Max, please know he passed his illicit meal and is doing just fine! Goober dog!! Life is never dull!

Enough for now. Everyone take care, and thanks again for all the nice notes you've left.

Love to all of you!


  1. Glad to know everything came out all right with Max. Rest and relax while you have a chance, it will soon be over.

  2. Glad you are doing well. I'm sure it's nice to have your daughter there. Your kids are a hoot. They have to provide good medicine.

  3. I am so glad that TL is there to be with you and help you. I love the picture of TL and the dogs. Dogs know when someone is a dog person.

    It started snowing a little here and I was all excited until I realized that I can't I am hoping the snow waits until I am better.

  4. Those dogs are just too cute Lyn! It's so good that your daughter is there to help out, I can imagine what a relief it is for you. And I'm happy that things are moving along smoothly for you.
    Love Di

  5. Awww love the pic of your daughter and the "kids". They look quite comfy, as she does too. I had no idea what the illicit meal was until I read further. Omg the treatment was hilarious and glad everything CAME OUT ok
    Keep up the good work with your recovery......



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