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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Avid laziness

I spent yesterday on the couch. On purpose. And it felt good.

I had several books I'd begun reading and was still reading, and I decided to "git 'er dun."

I used to be an avid reader who usually had several books going at one time. One in the living room, one in the bedroom, one in the car. Often more than one in some of those locations and a couple more at the office. Wherever I was I'd pick up the book at hand and read.

Then for years I struggled to read, not because I couldn't, but because the way I learned to read, as necessary, in grad school was a chapter or a page or a paragraph at a time, no more than necessary. I developed a style of reading that I would dub "ADR," or Attention Deficit Reading. When I finally had time to read again, I could not read more than a short time without my attention going all over the place. I was scanning letters and turning pages without retaining much or anything.

When my daughter and her hub bought me the Kindle recently, my reading ability returned. For whatever reason the Kindle is easier for me to remain focused on more than a small amount. I found that I was able to read for hours at a time, not minutes. Then in the past two or three weeks, I picked up several books that I've had for some time, and wanted to read, and another that I recently ordered because I couldn't find it available for the Kindle. I've learned that my focus is back, the "spell" is broken! I had started several on the Kindle and two printed books, and I was switching back and forth among them.

So yesterday I made a decision to do nothing but lay on the couch and read. And I did! I finished a kindle book and a printed book and got a good way into the other printed book! Woo hooo!! It was so good to be totally lazy for a day!

Maybe I'll go for two in a row!


  1. I just finished a book that I meant to order for my Kindle and hit the wrong button and got it in paper back.

    All my life I've read nothing but nonfiction. I must be entering a new time in my life because I decided to try reading light fiction for a while.

    I've always said I was a very slow reader but a librarian once told me she was sure that wasn't true, it was because the nonfiction I was reading was a slow go. I see now what she meant. I can zip right through fiction.

  2. You are so right about the difference with fiction/nonfiction. I love history, and I tend to read more slowly, absorbing it, trying to retain it. With fiction, it is for fun, and I usually read much more quickly. These days I'm reading a mix of them, so I'm getting a work out!

    The printed book I'm reading now is nonfiction, written by a blogging friend, and she sent me a copy several months ago. I kept picking it up, reading a little, and because of the ADR, never got far. Now, this time around, I'm really enjoying it because I'm getting through it! Thank you Kindle!

  3. Honestly Lyn, I could never understand people like you! I don't think I could be reading two books as I would probably get the stories all mixed up! On second thought, that may make them more interesting!
    I go in spurts with my reading. I'll be reading for a few months and then I'll lose interest for a few months. And it sounds strange but I read more in the summer! But I like to sit outside and read.
    Love Di

  4. Do you have a preference? My husband keeps wanting a kindle but I'm not sure! Not sure how I got here but since I am...might as well ask! Thanks!

  5. Di, I occasionally have to back up a page or two and refresh my memory, but that's about it. To me, it compares to watching several TV shows; they don't usually get mixed up, and neither to the books!

    Jenny, I prefer the Kindle, to be honest. I won't give up the printed books completely, but I do prefer the K. It's a long story that I just touched on here about my reason for it. The Kindle is wonderful for dozens of reasons ....light to carry if you're traveling or going outside; I find the "print" to be easier to read than a printed page; you can store hundreds of books on the Kindle. So far I've bought just a few books, because so many are available free. I have about 200 books stored, so it is already paid for in returns! IMO, it is well worth the money.

  6. I made a decision to stay on the couch all day and I did. Didn't read or do anything but flip channels. I thought about making it two days in a row.


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