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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

More about avid laziness. And not.

It's a good thing that I practiced avid laziness most of the weekend, because yesterday I was anything but lazy. It was my final medical checkup. That was first thing in the morning. Well, at 10:30, but that is "first thing" because we left here at 7:30 to get there on time.

"We" is myself, Linda, and our friend Pearl. After my appointment (which was fast and ended with a stamp of approval!), it was "Let the fun begin!" And the fun began with lunch. We decided to take Pearl to Yanni's, the Greek restaurant Linda and I have come to love after Enid recommended it. And Pearl loved it, too! My nephew had planned to join us, also, but wasn't able to make it away from the job.

When you go out with Pearl to eat, forget about the American way of sucking the food down and being out of the restaurant in 20-30 minutes! Pearl is English-born and she e.n.j.o.y.s her meal! So we "dined," rather than "lunched." We relaxed, savored the food, and best of all, talked and laughed. And I do mean laughed, out loud! I wondered once about whether we might be disturbing other patrons, but every time we burst out, people at other tables smiled! Laughter is, indeed, infectious!

Then we set off on our shopping and covered a lot of Albuquerque territory. At Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, Linda and I got some snacking goodies for our trip to Florida. It is hard to believe we are leaving early Sunday morning! Wow!

At TJ's, I was looking at English muffins and saw crumpets right next to them. Pearl was nearby, and I asked her, "I've never tried crumpets. What's the difference in crumpets and English muffins?" Remember, Pearl is English by birth, although she took citizenship here about three years ago. She looked at me and said in the wonderful accent, "I really cahn't say, Lyn. We didn't hahve English muffins in England." I said, "What is it about we Americans that we name things as we do? English muffins aren't from England. French fries aren't from France." And Pearl, without skipping a beat, said, "I dooon't knooow. I hahven't beeen American long enough to knoooow." We both collapsed in laughter.

Anyway, our last stop was to pick up a rug Pearl and her husband had had cleaned. We started home around 5:00, stopping south of Albuquerque, at .... you know, don't you? Cold Stone Creamery! Pearl had not experienced CCS. She likes it. When Linda and I are finished with her, she will make a solid American yet!! (And oh, what Linda and I are learning about England and the English!!)

Around 7:00 we were about half way home, and I had noticed it was very, very dark. It seemed to me that it was much later than it actually was because of the darkness. It seemed unusually dark with no moon out. We talked about why there was no moon, as we all thought it was time for a full moon. I'd noticed a few days earlier a very bright, almost full moon.

We drove another half hour or so, and the moon began to rise over the horizon ahead of us. First we saw the glow which grew brighter while the moon was still hidden behind the mountains, and the for the next 20 or more minutes we watched the moon itself. Initially, it was a sliver of bright rich orange, and it grew bigger and brighter until it finally cleared the horizon and simultaneously began to grow more pale and appeared smaller. What is it about the rising of the moon that is such an optical illusion? It appears so huge and colorful at first, then shrinks and fades to a soft yellow-white as it moves upward. Breath-taking spectacular, for sure. It was hard for me to keep my eyes on the road.

I wasn't home till after 8:30, and I was exhausted. I poked the few refrigerated items in the fridge and fell on the couch with the dogs long enough to watch "Big Bang Theory," which was recorded, and shortly thereafter, I was in bed. While I was on the couch, I unwrapped a few new, hopefully indestructible dog toys I brought home for The Kids. It looks, good; over 12 hours later, and Lola hasn't been able to ruin a single one! Woo hoo!

I wish I could afford to have another day of "avid laziness" today. I really can't. I have SO much to do to be ready to leave on Sunday. I gotta get busy. No, really I do. Honest, I need to get up and get with it! I will.




  1. A few years ago, when we lived out in the country, floyd and I would always watch the moon rise over the mountains. That is indeed a pretty sight. Not so much here in town. So glad to hear of the good checkup and now plan for a wonderful trip to Florida!

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip and I am so glad that everything went well with the doctor. I know you are so glad all of this is behind you. Yay!!

    Last night when I got into bed I noticed how bright the moon was here. It was great because it was shining in through my bedroom windows and provided just enough light that I could see where Sophie was laying on the floor.

    I bet you are excited for your trip this coming weekend. HOw long will you be gone? Are you taking any of the dogs with you?

  3. Moni, that is certainly one of the pleasures of living where I do. The night sky is like I remember as a child .... dark, dark background, with millions of stars visible, much more than when "city" light interfere. And the moon is brighter and you see more of "the man in the moon" out here!

    Caroline, It was a great trip and loaded with laughter!

    Let me say this, if you could see Sophie on the floor, the moon was VERY bright!

    We'll be gone from 3/7 through 3/16. No, I'm not taking The Kids; they will be having The Boy Wonder staying with them. I'm hoping that in the next year, The Kids will be able to begin traveling with me. Poor Max still struggles with carsickness, and we are still working on leash training. Some of them still don't understand that "leash time" is "potty time." Also, all five of them would probably overwhelm poor Mai Tai!!

  4. What a great day Lyn. Your friend from England sounds like a hoot! And I am happy that your exam was all good, thats great news. Will you be gone from the computer as well when you leave for Florida? If so I am going to miss your posts! But I am sure that you will have a lot to post about later. Glad too that the dogs got some good toys. I have the same problem with Ruby. Finding a toy that she can't destroy. I guess pugs have really strong jaws!
    Love Di ♥

  5. Di, Pearl is definitely a hoot!

    I won't be gone from the computer, but I might not be posting as frequently as often.

    Dogs! I'll tell you! I didn't hava a lot of trouble with my previous pack, Shih Tzu. And this one isn't too bad. Sam occasionally finds a loos string and goes after it, but that's about it. However, Lola is Shih Tzo and Terrier, and I'm guessing it is the Terrier part of her. I've had Terriers, and they ARE more aggressive with toys; but SHE is terrible about it!!

  6. I hope you're enjoying your busy day. I love to travel by car so I would be excited. Well maybe not so much. One airport stop in Florida was enough for me. Florida is not on my must see list.

  7. What a fun day. What would we do without friends and laughter. One of the things I love about being married to Jim is that we laugh a lot.

    Have a great trip. My company is goine and I am going to try to get caught up with blogging in the next couple of days.

    ~hippo hugs~

  8. Linda, I've loved road trips the last few years. We used to fly a lot, but seeing the USA from ground level is wonderful! Besides, flying is a royal pain in the tush now.

    I actually like Florida. Well, parts of it. But .... I couldn't live there but a few months out of the year, however, because the combo of heat and humidity makes me physically ill. That's why I left Missouri!

  9. Pam, you were writing while I was, I guess! How cool that you are married to a man that you can enjoy your life with on a daily basis. Laughing is so healthy!! Lucky you!!!

  10. Oh that sounds like such a wonderful day and your right when we hit that couch it is often so hard to move and get going.


    Dorothy from grammology

  11. Dorothy, it was, and you're right!!

  12. If they are indestructible dog toys, let me know what they are. My son would love to have a few for his Boston Terrier.

    I hope the weather is a little warmer for you in Florida that it was for us. If warmth is what you're seeking anyway.

  13. Dave I'll let ya know on the toys when I get back from FL. It usually takes her a week or two to find the vulnerable spot on the tough toys, and that will give me enough time to assess it! I definitely don't bring home anything with noisemakers, 'cause she becomes demonic in her quest to find the squeaker or rattle!

    I won't mind warm weather, but remember I'm the nut that doesn't like hot weather, so if it's 60°, I'll be just fine!


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