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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Where does it all come from???

OK, those days on the couch are collecting their due now! On the days I "called in" and decided to spend the day on the couch reading, I knew there was a layer of dust on most things in my house that was, uhmm, discernible. Readily discernible. An inch thick discernible! Sooooo...... I've been dusting over the last couple hours (no, there wasn't so much that it took 2 hours, but doing that and other related cleaning tasks as I went along), and now I'm coughing. Yes, I've stirred up enough dust that I've inhaled it into my throat and I'm coughing! I'm trying, really hard, to convince myself that if I had dusted a few days ago, it would not have made a difference. I'm not listening well to my own argument!

I'm taking a break, drinking water, than I'll vacuum, dust again, and vacuum one last time. Gah. I'm not kidding, it is bad!!!

OK, here's the deal .... I dusted before Terri came for my surgery! Why am I having to dust again already? Ohhhh, wait a minute. It has been six weeks since the surgery. Oops! My bad.

Damn. Back to work.


  1. If you are anything like me, you aren't the same neatnik you were in your 30's and 40's. There is so much to do rather than dust. I'm with you..every month or so should be enough.

    ~hippo hugs~

  2. I understand completely Lyn. The dust in Deming is unrelenting and covers everything. It was bad enough during the winter, but now with our windows and doors open, watch out!!!

    I dust a little every few days and it is never enough. Everyone down here knows about the "deming dust"!

  3. LOL! Oh, Pam, you got it!! I was a cleaning fury in the old days! I could clean a house of 2500 square feet, almost on my own, and to a degree of eating off the floor in 4-5 hours. I did it every week, with "touch ups" a couple times a week that were better than I clean these days! Now I'm twice as old and have half the energy!!!

  4. Oh, Moni, it isn't just Deming dust (although you can claim that!). It's NM dust or even Southwest dust! You'd think that with snow on the ground for 3 full months, we wouldn't have dust, wouldn't you? Yeah, well! And to be honest, I didn't care much about it for a while with the medical distraction. Now I'm back to normal. Gah!!

  5. I hate dusting and now that I live in a vehicle I have to dust everyday. Truthfully I don't, just once a week I will take everything out - dust, clean.

  6. Most household tasks I can tolerate, but I truly don't like dusting either, Pepper. I've dreamed for years of a "dust vacuum," with a hole in the ceiling that would just suck it all out for me!

  7. Oh shame on you Lynilu! You should don your apron everyday to dust!LOL! I don't dust to often really. A good dusting about twice a month! I have been patching and sanding our living room today, talk about dust! I was coughing right along with ya! But it's finally done and ready for paint, wanna come and help?
    Love Di ♥

  8. No, Di, my own dust is sufficient for me, thanks!! We have to dust out here at least weekly. At LEAST! It is so dusty here.


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