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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Dingy doggy!

A wee bit of excitement a while ago. I was reading email, blogs, and facebook. The dogs were all around me, Lola sitting at my feet. Well, actually she was sitting on my right foot. I was preoccupied, of course. All the sudden Lola let out a small yelp, nothing loud, and I figured she was trying to get one of her siblings to play or something similar. But she also moved off my foot and acted a little funny, kinda nervous. That's the only way I can describe it.

I looked down and she was kinda shaking her head a little and seemed a little upset. And then I saw IT. Baby Pup had been chewing on the power cord to my laptop! She hadn't torn it up, but she had penetrated the rubber and connected with the wiring inside.

This isn't the first time she has chewed on a cord. In fact she completely demolished the electric cord for the lap blanket I keep in the living room. I don't know how it didn't shock her, but it obviously didn't because, as I said, it was in about 4 pieces. It was tucked under the couch, and she had to work on pulling it out, little stinker!

But tonight, she definitely got a shock. Poor little girl. I took advantage of the moment to teach her, so I pointed at the cord and said "No" several times. She first came to me on the couch, and I cuddled her, but again pointed and said "No" several more times. She left the living room and hid for about an hour! She was really in shock! I finally coaxed her back to the living room, played a little while, then got on the couch, and she is beside me now, sleeping it off! Those of you who have met her know Lolita has an electric personality, but this is going too far!

The cord is repaired. Although it wasn't torn up, I wrapped it, hoping to keep it from getting worse.

And the girl really is OK. Here is proof, a photo taken about ten minutes ago, as she played with Max.

I truly hope this cures her from chewing on cords. She does it only occasionally, but clearly it can be dangerous, so the sooner she quite, the better we will be.

Never a dull moment. Never, ever at my house!


  1. Silly little girl! She is trouble! Adorable trouble, but trouble non the less!

  2. Yeah, well, let's hope she learned the lesson and remembers it! I felt sorry for her, but I had to give the lesson. Poor baby!

  3. Oh my gosh she is so cute! Glad that things turned out o.k.and hopefully she'll learn from it!
    Love Di

  4. I hope she does, too, Di. She is a pretty smart little girl, learns thing quickly as a rule, so let's hope this one "took."

    Trust me, she is a heart stealer! Ask my daughter!

  5. oh my. you think the natural consequences would be enough to deter these critters from doing naughty things!

  6. Beans, you think and I think, but obviously they don't think as much as we humanize them in our heads!!

  7. Cowboy would have done the same thing to teach Sadie. Me, I'm a softie and would have just cuddled Sadie.

  8. I decided I needed to be sure she doesn't repeat it. I would hate to come home and find her seriously hurt or worse!


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