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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super Stay at Home Sunday

Early this morning a family of deer were making their way across my front yard, in a hurry because they apparently didn't like the dogs barking. This is not the family that has been my resident deer family, and they haven't figured out that my dogs can't get to them. They've been around here a lot recently, however. I wonder if they've crowded my longtime friends out.

Do you see those patches of ground? Yep, the snow has been melting!

You can see that they made it across the yard and to the road. I guess they felt safer out there, as they slowed down.

It was actually nice out today, around 50°. I sat on the deck for a while and watched the snow melt. Seriously!

And I'm so excited to see the splotches of ground being exposed!

I didn't even have to clear the snow off my truck this time!

Exposed driveway! Woo hoo!!

It was supposed to rain this evening, then turn to snow in the wee hours of the morning. I was looking forward to the rain wiping out some more of the old snow. I was counting on it to wash away the snow on the steps.

And then around 3:00 I looked out and realized it was SNOWING!!! See it in this blurry photo? All those white streaks are snow. Dang.

I went out and cleared that snow on the steps. At least down to the ice layer that was under the snow. sigh.

This weather is just weird. It was warm and sunny almost all day, then clouded up, I thought for rain, but no, it was snowing and 45°! Then it became sunny again for about an hour. Right now is is snowing crazily out there. It's still warm enough that it isn't sticking very well, just a light covering on the exposed ground.

I wonder how much more I'll be getting out of this storm. The forecast says rain and snow showers off and on most of this week.

I was supposed to go to a friend's home for a Super Bowl party, but I decided to not go. Not knowing how much snow would come, and with the horrendous condition of the road (mud pits!!), I just didn't think it was a good idea to risk it. I have enough macaroni and cheese to last me a long time! I took some to a neighbor, but it is still enough for several meals. It is killer good, however! I've already had two bowls of it! I was also going to make hush puppies to take, as well, and I'm glad I didn't get them started before I decided to stay home!

All is good!


  1. There you go hogging all the snow again. We were supposed to get some snow today, but it was mainly flurries. They are saying we are supposed to get 2-5 inches tonight and tomorrow, bu darnit I want the 28 inches the east coast got.

    Did you make the Mac&Cheese from scratch? I do love Mac & Cheese, but since my surgery I can't eat a lot of cheese at one time. Well, I could, but it would be no fun about 30 minutes after I eat it. I guess this is a good thing, but still...

  2. You really are having a the mischief with snow. Just think how sick you'd be of it if you hadn't been post surgery for part of the time. I hope you see the ground soon.

  3. Well, Caroline, I haven't had much more than flurries, either. I suspect there will be more by morning, but it is still just barely covering the ground.

    Yes I tried a new recipe on the mac & cheese, and it would have wiped you out, as it had 3 cheeses. But it was really good, too!

    Linda, I've said that to several people. I was lucky to have the surgery now, because I'm less apt to go out and do things rather than rest and heal. You know, if the weather were nice, I'd be pushing my limits. So I'm OK with it!

  4. What a crazy winter this has been. We are hoping for decent weather as we start our trip tomorrow. We'll see.

    Hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl even though you didn't get to a party. I was disappointed as I really like the Colts, but it was a good game.

    ~hippo hugs~

  5. Pam, I had a fine evening. I'm pretty good company! [giggle] It turned out that i got a little less than 2", so I would have been OK to go. But I didn't know, and I'm still recovering, so I didn't want to put myself in a situation that might be risky.

    I didn't really care who won the game. I suppose I leaned a little bit toward the Saints because it would be their first SB win. At any rate, it was a good game. I enjoyed the game a lot, especially before it got so lopsided.

    Travel safe, and have a wonderful time!

  6. We just received a little rain, nothing measurable. I'm glad your snow is slowing down because sooner or later you are going to need to get out of there, lol. We stayed home as usual and enjoyed the game; we wanted the Saints to win so we were happy. Take care dear, get well and get going!

  7. We are supposed to have another snowstorm starting tomorrow night going into Wednesday. I'm ready for spring.

  8. Moni, I'm not sure the snow is slowing down here. I can never get a forecast that tells me how much accumulation to expect unless a weather advisory is issued, so it's up in the air. But it's snowing again as I write this. I drove to the post office, and she talked to a friend in Ruidoso, across the mountain from us, and it was supposedly snowing like crazy there. We usually get as much or more, so I'll stay in now for a while and see what happens. One thing about it, and I've said this before, all this moisture is gonna make for a beautiful spring and summer of cacti and wildflowers blooming!

    Daisy, I can't believe this weather! It is just about insane, isn't it? I'm OK with more winter, but I'm a cold weather buff. I'm hoping our summer is as cool as this winter has been wet. Suppose there is any hope for that? Nah, I didn't think so.

  9. Hi Lynilu,
    It seems to have been a strange winter here as well. We are already planning a snow day tomorrow, I love snow days! Perfect for eating mac and cheese which I also love! We used to live in a house where the deer would frequent our yard. They were beautiful to watch, you got some good photos! Love Di

  10. Hi, Di!

    So did your daughter make it to school today?

    I'm going to post the mac & cheese recipe on Cookin' Corner in a little while if you want to try it.

  11. Love the deer! Hope you don't get too much more snow, darn it, time to think SPRING! I can only guess that your doggies are enjoying mom being home so much, lol


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