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Thursday, February 04, 2010


My phone/DSL line was ripped out by the snow plow yesterday. Talk about being stranded! I'm back on with a temporary line, and there is a plan to move the connection box, but it won't be immediate. That means that the line will likely be ripped out again when the plow comes back to clear last night's snowfall. ARGHHHHH!!

What all this means is that I will be here when I can .... off and on .... when my luck is good .... all that crap.



  1. I'll say Grrrrr! with you. That's frustrating, I'm sure.

    ~hippo hugs~

  2. Thank you, Pam, I was running out of air! Let's alternate grrrrrs, OK? ;D

  3. Gracious, no water, no bird seed, and now no phone or computer. For me the biggest crisis would be no computer, although water would be a close second.

  4. Linda, trust me, that was my greatest concern!! As for water, I knew if I really had to, I could scoop up some of the clean snow and melt it for drinking. Yeah, the loss of the internet was the worst part!

  5. I think you need to start calling your phone/DSL company every time your service is cut off and tell them you want them to take off a portion of your bill since you don't have service. I imagine if you do that every time they will do something to make sure this doesn't keep happening. Your phone/internet has been cursed with Murphy's Law.

  6. They actually make an adjustment without asking if it is over 24 hours. To their credit, it rarely is over a few hours. My addiction is my own problem!

    The reason for the problem is not actually the phone co nor the county (plow). There is a third party, an independent contractor, that does all the digging and laying cable, setting the junction boxes, etc. Because of the rocky terrain, they often put it where it is easiest. In this case, the box was too close to the road, because the soil is less rocky and easier to dig just a few feet off the road.

    This morning I talked to the phone guy (we are beginning to have a personal relationship here!! LOL!) and when the contractor comes out, I will go to the road and insist that he move it farther from the road. That request is written in the order, but with no one to oversee, he (the contractor) does what he chooses. If he doesn't pay attention to me, I will call the company while he is here. I know that sounds like not my job, and it kinda isn't, but since we have such a small population here, there aren't enough employees in the county to come out and watch the contractor. It's in my best interest, and I will, by damn, do it!


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