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Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Another crisis in my life is averted! Monday morning my RO system (Reverse Osmosis) which provides our drinking water went out. When I say it went out, it quit providing potable water. This happens when it is time to change the filters. So on the way to Albuquerque I called them, and they said a service man would be out on Tuesday. He would call me in the morning to see where he could work me into the schedule. Cool. I bought a two gallon container on the way home from Albuquerque.

Tuesday morning I got the call, but I was told they couldn't come out because there was a "big job scheduled for the last week." WHAT?? Then I was told that they would be out Wednesday "if there was not too much snow." HELLOOO???? Two gallons of water lasts me and the dogs a little over a day. So I had a hissy fit! I spoke to the person who talked to me on Monday, and he said the big job was "an emergency." I confronted him .... was it pending for a week or was it an emergency? Anyway, this conversation went on for a while, and I was furious. I won't bore you with it, but it further infuriated me.

They offered me free water if I would come get it (over 30 miles round trip), then offered to drive some to me, "if they could work it in." Good grief! No, I called a friend who drove some to me. I knew I would get it that way.

I was miffed. I didn't even get a real apology, just some mumbled excuses.

In the future, my plumber will replace the filters for me, guaranteed within 24 hours. I will go buy the filters and have them on hand from now on. I know this man, and he cares about ME, not just the big jobs.

Well, this morning I got a call, and to my surprise, the service man was coming out. IN THE HEAVILY FALLING SNOW! Their regular trucks might not make it to my house but the owner was sending him in his (the owner's) personal vehicle with 4WD. Mind you, no call from the owner, but at least he was doing something about it.

It took the guy almost an hour and a half, but he got here, replaced the filters, and we are back in business!! I will say, he apologized for the miscommunication on their part. Lawdy mercy.

It is snowing again, and I'm at an elevation that will probably see about six inches or more. Now that I have drinking water, I'm OK. A couple more days of sitting tight and letting the body heal is a good thing. My biggest concern for getting out is my need to buy seed for the wild birds. I used up the last this morning, and the poor little critters are gonna need it as the ground is completely covered once again.

The appointment in Albuquerque on Monday went very well. The drain tubes were removed (Hallelujah!!), and I'm reasonably comfortable again. The doctor is very pleased with how I'm doing, and I don't have to go back for another month! A WHOLE MONTH!!! I'm ecstatic!! Let it snow!!

Meanwhile, if my strength is back to normal, I may plan a trip to Tucson in a couple weeks. Some friends are going to be showing in the Tubac Art Show, and I'd love to go see them. The Tubac section of my previous trip was cut short, so it will be a chance for me to see it fully. Jim seems to be eager to go, also, so if I'm able, I'll go. Then right after my next and final :) checkup, Linda and I are driving to Florida! Her parents live in Pennsicola, so I'll drop her off there and continue across the state to Melbourne and visit Terri and her family. I'm really excited about that!

YAY!!! Normalcy rocks!!


  1. You are really doing great. It is so good to hear that. Sometimes I could just scream at being at the mercy of "service providers." What service??

    Hope all continues to go well and your trip(s) can come to fruition.

    We are getting ready to leave for Nevada next Tuesday. I am sooo anxious to go, and sooo not ready.

    ~hippo hugs~

  2. Pam, you know, now that the surgery is behind me and I'm really mending, I hope I can make the trips, but if not now, I will at a later date. My health is the important thing, and I feel so good about it!

    Have fun on your trip, too!

    And service? You said it! I was actually cautioned about this company, but chose them for a litany of reasons. Oops. One of my self admitted errors!

  3. I am so glad they got out there and you now have water again. I think it's just sad how people don't have manners anymore. Can you imagine the company acting like they did 30 years ago? No. I just hate that our society has no customer service anymore.

    Hope you will be able to make your trip. I know you are dying to get out of your house for a while...and not to a doctors appt.

  4. I am frequently taken aback by lack of manners, courtesy, customer relations, etc. It seems that these are things that have been kicked to the curb. I don't know if there is a relationship to the amount of cyber contact v. IRL contact, but it seems that the reduced personal contact must have an effect. It is sad.

    I hope I can, too. But if not, it will be OK. I'm actually not worried about being able to make the FL trip. There will be enough healing time, and Linda will help with driving. Tucson may have to wait. We'll see.

  5. So you're going to Florida too? We're headed there in a week. But I'm worried. One of my blogging buddies down there in Tampa complained that it's an El Nino winter, cold and rainy. I want hot and sunny.

  6. Really glad you got your water. And those are great pictures of your mother on the other post. I know how you feel. I miss my mom terribly. But I'm confident I'll be seeing her again one day! --Cheryl

  7. It continually amazes me about the lack of customer service that is out there. Glad that you spoke up enough to get the owner's truck there.

    Also glad you are on the mend.

  8. So good to know that you are on the mend. These little setbacks are nature's way of making us aware of all the good things out there so that we don't take them for granted. Hope you make Tucson and Florida. :)

  9. OMG Lyn, i would have been so mad! I have two dogs four cats and a 15 year old. Not to mention, I drink water like a fish!!!! I guess that I should be thank fol for city water! I hope things turn around for you soon. You certainly don't need these problems now!
    Love Di

  10. Everyone is traveling including me I will be going in March but not to florida or arizona. I am glad your healing well isnt it funny how we dread surgery but feel better after surgery most times.

  11. Dave, don't tell my daughter, but since I'm so sensitive to heat/humidity together, I'll be very happy of it is cool while I'm there.

    Cheryl, it's a good feeling to know you'll be together again, isn't it? Yeah. :)

    MJ, these days we have no choice .... if we don't speak up, it's all lost. Thanks!

    Moni, I think you're right, and I accept that. I don't have to like it, do I? ;D I hope I can make the trips, too. Time will tell.

    Di, you have the picture! I don't have as many thirsty mouths as you, but you can certainly understand my angst! I actually don't mind having the well, but when I become dependent on service from others, it can be a bit hinky. All is well again, so I'll be fine!

    Bobbie, you said a mouthful there. It isn't fun facing the surgery or the healing process, but you're SO right about feeling better when it is over! We are lucky that medical science is as advanced as it is.

  12. Gracious you are ferocious when suffering cabin fever. Somebody free this woman quickly.

  13. LOL! Linda, you have something there. Don't mess with Mama!!


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