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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Remembering Grace Eleanor Harness Shuler

Today is the 98th anniversary of my mother's birth. She has been gone for almost ten years, but I'll always remember her on this day. She was a wonderful mom. I lost her almost ten years ago, and I miss her so much.

This picture was taken in about 1960s or 70s, I'm not sure.

I've been looking for some pictures of her for several days, and I'm really distressed because I can't find a few that are very important to me. Her graduation picture, a portrait of her about the time she married my dad, snapshots of her as a younger woman, some of them with her holding me as an infant. I'm becoming worried at the thought that I might have lost these photos in moving, storing them, and moving again. I can't imagine how, but .... I'm going to check with my siblings, some of whom I know have originals or copies of these precious shots.

Mom and me sometime in the late 80s or 90s. Mom used to be just a couple inches shorter than I, and I noticed show much height she had lost when I ran across this photo. She was a sweet lady.

My mom and dad were married for 69 years before the passed on just 3 weeks apart. They were both devoted to the other. The relationship wasn't perfect, but there was never a question that either of them would fight their weight in wildcats for the other. Or for us. They were so cute. They used to love wearing matching clothes. You can see in the following picture that fact. Isn't that precious?

This is one of the last family pictures taken. I really love this photo. In just a few years Mom began to drift away from us as Alzheimer's took over her mind. But here .... these were good times.

Loren, Rus, Daddy, Leo
Me, Mother, Cleo

Mom was such a dear. She was never completely comfortable in front of a camera, but who she was far surpassed her shyness and social lack of comfort. She loved all of us unconditionally, and we never could have doubted. Well, except for the five minutes after we were in trouble for some thing or other! She was all heart, and so full of love.

This is something of Mama's that I kept. I don't remember the whole story, but it is a silk shawl that Daddy bought her in Mexico long, long ago. She treasured it, and now I do. It is in my room, on the side of a mirror where I see it often, and it reminds me regularly of the great lady that was my mom.

This picture of Mom and Dad is, I believe, the last formal portrait taken. They had been married close to 65 years here. It is sweet, but it also makes me so sad, because it is impossible to look at it and not see the vagueness in her eyes. She was already slipping away from the reality that was our life with her. I grieved her for several years before she died, because she wasn't behind those eyes. And, as I've said, I miss her still, my mom, the grand lady, the love of my father's life.

Happy Birthday, Mommy.


  1. Another thing we have in common...GREAT moms :)
    You have a beautiful family.

  2. Wonderful post and great pictures.
    Thanks for sharing.
    That picture of your mom & dad in the matching outfits is great.
    I hope you find the pictures you have misplaced.

    Your mom & dad raised a wonderful


  3. Thanks for sharing a wonderful piece of your life with us. I see what you mean by your mother's eyes in the last picture. It breaks your heart to look into the eyes of a parent and know only the physical body remains.

  4. Pictures are so beautiful and what a lovely family. I wish my memories were as nice as yours (sniff)

  5. You're so fortunate to have such wonderful, loving memories of your Mother. I wish I could say the same. It's always nice to look back through pictures and remember those happy times. I do the same but instead of my Mom, look back at the kids and all the fun we had when they were little. I hope you find your pictures! I'm sure they're around there somewhere and you'll find them!

  6. Thanks, all. It is good I have such dear memories, and I always think memories are sweeter if they are shared. And sharing them makes the last longer.

  7. such sweet pictures and memories. brought tears .. .i am glad you had the kind of relationship with your mom that is so great!

  8. Me, too, Beans. She was a good friend. :)

  9. A beautiful post, Lynilu. It made me think of my mom. It is so hard to lose them. How wonderful that you had her as long as you did. She was beautiful. I can see where you get your looks.

    ~hippo hugs~

  10. Such a touching post. What a wonderful tribute.

  11. It is definitely hard to lose our moms. For most of us, that is the strongest bond, usually more so than even husbands. Thanks, Pam.

    Thanks, MJ. She was deserving of that and more. Quite a lady, she was.

  12. What a wonderful post about your Mom. Thank you for sharing the pictures and stories.

  13. Thank you. I love sharing things like this. :)

  14. What a wonderful way to honor your mom. I really liked the pictures.

  15. Thanks, Daisy. I hope I find the other pictures and I can post them at a later day. She was such a special, lovely lady.

  16. You know Lyn that this really touched me as my mom passed away on Dec.5th. It's been such a rough road yet enlightening at the sametime! I am learning slowly that the pain nevr leaves but it does change. I feel for you. Love Di

  17. I'm sorry to hear that, Di. You're right about the pain. After 10 years, I still have it. It is not as deep or as frequent, but the pangs of loss still have a grip. I have occasional moments of significant grief, but mostly it is a longing to hug her again or ask her a question that is always right at my elbow. Thanks for the note. :)

  18. How sweet that they used to wear matching clothes! And I can't get over how different her eyes look in the last photo. It must have been so difficult for you and your father.



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