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Monday, February 08, 2010


I've noticed how sweet it is that my Kids share their dinner. I put the food in the dish a bit ago and here is what I saw a couple minutes later:

What's even cuter is when Lola and Sam, or Sam and Joey sit at the bowl together. One takes a bite and puts his/her head up to chew and the other takes a bite, then they reverse the up/down positions. Never a problem with those three. Max become possessive when he gets his turn. He wants to be the only one at the bowl when he eats, and he even growls to tell the others to go 'way! But he waits his turn quite patiently! You can see him waiting till Lola is finished. Joey is taking a snooze while he waits. Jazmyn rarely goes to the food dish when the others are there. She doesn't seem to have a problem, but she picks a time when no one will challenge her or get in her way. Smart girl!

A few minutes after I took the above photo, Lola was finished eating and was playing. As I sat on the couch she tried to jump up, but she bounced back down. I looked and saw that she was trying something she has struggled with before. She had a large toy ball in her mouth, and she can't figure out that when she jumps up with it in her mouth, it is so big that it catches on the couch and throws her back down! She jumped a couple more times, was thrown back to the floor, and then I grabbed the ball and put it on the couch for her. She jumped up after it and sat down, looking at me .......

'Nuff said!!


  1. Life is a hoot around your house. I would just come and watch the kids and be entertained.

  2. Well, you're looking for the one thing they are really good at!!

  3. Such adorable doggies. I love my dogs too; couldn't live without them. Your little ones are so sweet.:)

  4. The look on Lola's face in the picture with the ball is absolutely precious. Who could ever say no to her?

  5. Moni, me too, as you know. They make my life so full!

    Linda, isn't that expression a hoot?

  6. If you put up a bunch of cameras around your house I am sure you could make your own TV show with all that your babies do.

    I do love that last picture of Lola. She is sooo darn cute.

  7. That would be fun, wouldn't it? Oh, but wait! I'd have to keep my house tidy!! ;D Isn't that picture a hoot? Such personality! the others have it, too, but she is over the top!


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