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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Checking in

I noticed the title of my previous post, "Gooooooone"!  How apt that is.    :(

I'm at my daughter's house in Florida, on the east coast. Last night I spent the night at Linda's parents' house in the Pensacola area, and Sunday night was spent at a motel on the east side of Houston. I'm tired and very glad to be spending the next six nights in one place. Our trip has gone well. I wasn't crazy about the motel we ended up with in Houston, but it was OK, clean, but no WiFi and very basic amenities. When you're as tired as we were it doesn't seem to matter as much as other times.

Late in the afternoon of Sunday, I got a call for the sitter. Apparently someone had opened the backyard gate (I hadn't been out it in weeks), and the dogs went for a romp around the neighborhood. Joey, Jazi and Lola came back, but Sam and Max didn't. The whole neighborhood was out helping Boy Wonder, and his parents came up to help, too. The boys were out all night, and I was nearly ready to turn around and go home. After driving for almost 12 hours we were both exhausted, so Linda suggested that we get some sleep and then in the morning, make a decision about continuing or turning around.

Early Monday morning, BW called and said that Sam came home, but not Max. On one hand I was relieved that Same was home, but I was really distraught about Max, feeling that was a terrible sign. Long story short, the sitter and I have spent several hours on the phone over the last 3 days, planning, discussing, comparing thoughts and trying to come up with ways to lure Max home. He is still around the house, but won't come in or show himself. BW is putting food and water out for him, and he is eating. I had him put a throw and a pillow that I use out on the couch on the deck so Max will have my scent. We are doing everything possible to keep him there or encourage him to come in the house so BW can capture him.

The problem is that Max is bonded to me, not the other dogs. Everyone kept saying he would come back to the other dogs, but he is the one that thinks he is the only dog for me. The other dogs are good for his amusement when he wishes it, and that is about it. He tolerates their presence. So he isn't likely to return till I do. He really doesn't trust any other human. Of all the dogs, he takes the longest to warm up to anyone who is in the house, even BW. I think if the Boy Wonder can keep him coming to the house, I'll be able to get him in. I'm concerned, however, that by that time, much of his training and trust will have to be reinstated. This will be a huge setback.

I've talked to a friend who is a psychic, and she is an animal psychic, also. She says he is safe, hanging close to the house, and has found some places to keep warm. She said that he comes to the house during the day, but with no one home, he leaves again. Hopefully he will come while BW is there on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. 

I'm really worried about Max. Please say some prayers for his safe return. He's a survivor, but he's also a small dog in a forest of wild creatures, many of them much bigger than he is. It is still getting below freezing every night. We think he is sleeping under the house, as a small service door is open. He's probably warm enough there, but every day he is out in the elements and amongst the wild animals is a risk. We want him home. We need him home.

What a bad time for this to happen. Damn.


  1. I really am praying for Max's safe return. Is there any way to lock the other dogs up in a room, open the gate and leave the dog door open so he might come in during the day when no one is around? Just a thought.

    The babies and I are saying lots of prayers and I keep saying, "Max...go home".

    My heart goes out to you because I Know how hard this is; especially since you are so far from home.

  2. I'm sending prayers and good thoughts your way for Max's safe return. What an awful time for this to happen with you so far away. It's hard to enjoy yourself with that on your mind, I'm sure. Pets are very resilient though. My neighbor's house cat ran out their door and was outside for 2 months during the winter and was the same way, bonded to one person, their daughter who was away at college. When she came home for Christmas she was finally able to get the cat to come to her and get it back inside! Hopefully Max will stick around his familiar territory and come back to you when you return.

  3. Oh my dear Lynilu I will be praying for Max's safe return home. You know I am a dog lover and I have been criticized for turning down invitations because of my dogs. When they come into our home they come into our family. I am sorry to say that is why I never travel as I don't trust anyone. I am the only one that really knows their habits! I don't want this to ruin your trip so I will pray extra hard for Max to come home. Please keep us informed.
    Love and prayers to you and Max, Love Di ♥

  4. Thanks, Caroline. Boy Wonder and I have devised a way to do basically what you suggest, and we are hoping it will work. I am sending the same message to him, over and over. I hope he will hear it. I hate feeling so helpless.

    Deb, I have heard of similar things, too. If nothing else, BW is keeping Max fed and connected to the house for now. I think once I'm home, he will come in. Thank you.

    Di, through my tears on Sunday, I said, "I'm never going anywhere again without taking them along," and Linda reminded me that I was still in a state of reaction. I've traveled with my dogs for 20 years with just a few exceptions, such as cruises. Thank you for the prayers. Much appreciated.

  5. Sending prayers and thoughts for Max's safe return :)

  6. Thank you, YG. Every thought and prayer is appreciated.

  7. Hope Max isn't having a "Call of the Wild" episode. As you said, he probably wouldn't fare as well in the wild as the dog did in the Jack London story. I'll say a prayer for his safe return.

  8. Thanks, Dave. I can only hope that he can run faster than "it."

  9. I think Max understands that he is home and he is eating so he will be fine. Try to relax and know that Max is being cared for even though he won't come inside. I do understand your feelings; I am way too attached to my dogs.

  10. In my head I know that, Moni, but in my heart, I just can't help but worry. Too attached? I don't know about that .... after all, they give us unconditional love, so it's OK that we return it to them!

  11. Oh goodness... I sure do hope that all is okay. I'm sure you'll return to a happy Max ~ and he's just giving you a bit of a scare for now. Let's hope so anyways.
    Try your best to put him into God's care while you continue your travels and try to make the best of the situation. Safe travels and you're in my prayers that all works out for the positive. {{HUGS}}

  12. Thanks, Mel. I hope it is all OK, also. I chant a mantra off and on all day long that says, "Max come home, I need you to be safe. God guide him home, please."

  13. Just wanted to let you know that we are still saying lots of prayers here for Maxie.



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