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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Worry + UPDATE

Another update note on Max:  Yesterday Boy Wonder said that it appears no food was eaten from the bowl on the deck. That concerns me greatly. I don't know that it means anything awful, but it isn't good. Even if he is OK and has found food elsewhere, it means that he isn't necessarily connected to the house at this point. The worst scenario is that he has been harmed. I pray that is not it.

BW and my neighbor and friend, Joyce, are working together, very diligently. Joyce is going today to try to get her hands on no-harm traps, in hopes of being able to lure Max inside one of them with food. Since he is not showing his face to any humans, this is probably the best chance to catch him.

Nights are cold, 24° to 27°. Not good. There is a service door leading under the house that is open, and we are hoping he has been going there for warmth and protection. BW has put a doggy bed under there in hopes.

Last night I slept terribly. I tossed and turned, thinking about Max, dreaming about him, and saying prayers for his safety. I'm 'talking" to him often, too, trying to encourage him to go home, promising I'm coming. I'm exhausted today. The worry is insurmountable and is taking a toll.

On a positive note, Today is TL's birthday. My baby is 40! She certainly doesn't look it. She could easily pass for under 30. Her sweet hub gave her a violin for a birthday present, something she has wanted for a while. He already has my mother's piano, and I know she would like to have my father's violin, but that will be going to my son's daughter since she is taking violin lessons. She hasn't grown into it yet. As such a petite young woman, she still need a 3/4 size. If she doesn't grow into it, I guess TL will have two violins! Or perhaps she and I can both brush up and play a duet. The violin was given to my dad by my mother. It was a used instrument, but it has a wonderful tone. My dad played it, then I did. It was passed on to my nephew, then to my daughter. My granddaughter will be the 4th generation to play the same one. It has made the rounds in the family!

Tonight we are going to my grandson's school (also where my daughter teaches) for their science fair. Tomorrow I will be at the school again for Grandparent's Day. Over the weekend there will be a soccer game and a traditional trip to Border's with the grandkids. And on Monday, I will begin the trek West again.

Please continue to keep my boy Max in your prayers. I'm desperately worried. I can't tell you how awful it is to be this far away at this time. I truly thought he would come home when Sam did, and thought it was OK to continue with the trip. I'm so sad.

Please keep this little funny face in your mind and heart till his safe return home.

UPDATE: I spoke with BW, and he says that it looks like part of the food was eaten. He also checked the little service door and there are what appear to be fresh footprints, so it looks like my boy is going there for shelter. Whew. I hope it is all as it seems.  I love Maxie and want him to be safe.


  1. I was hoping Max would come home by now. I will be praying for his safe return. Hang in there.

  2. Pepper, me too. But I posted an update. Hope you see it. It looks like he is still hanging around. So glad for that!!! And thanks for the prayers.

  3. Oh Lyn - hoping and praying Max comes in soon!

  4. I was so sad when I was reading your post, but when I got to the bottom I was so happy to see that he is still hanging around. My heart goes out to you. I can only imagine how hard this is for you right now especially since you are so far from home.

    Are you guys going to stop and spend the night in Texas on the way home or just drive through the night to get home faster?

  5. Jacqui, thanks. Me, too! I love your blogging name!

    Caroline, it is so up and down that I'm nuts over it. So hard. And while I wish we could drive straight through, we can't. Neither of us has good night vision, and it is over 20 hours from Pensacola to Nogal. We will have to stop. :(

  6. Thoughts and prayers for Max. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your daughter. How far of a drive do you have?

  7. Daisy, thanks for the caring. I'll pass along the BD wishes to TL. The drive is a little over 1800 miles one way. Just next door! I'll drive to Pensacola, pick up Linda and then we will do the long 20 hour drive taking turns. Gah. It is too long to make a trip this quick, but it was my only choice at this time. At least I have Linda to relieve me in driving and keep me awake!

  8. OK, Max is doing what a smart dog would do; he doesn't want to leave his home and if he has food and shelter, he won't leave. Take care Lyn, I know you are worried sick. What a crummy thing to happen on your vacation! Trust Max to wait for you to come home.

  9. I'm trying to, Moni! This is like being away from home and your child gets sick. Or a kid in college who breaks an arm, and you can't be there! GAH!

  10. Try putting something that smells like you in the trap or even next to the food dish. a blanket, dirty clothes, something you use alot. Max may be attracted and soothed into staying put by your scent.

    I will be thinking and praying for Max.

    Mary (ox)

  11. Yeah, we have done that, Mary. I'm so anxious over this. I hate him being out there.


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