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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Clean dogs, happy dogs

The dogs love it when they get baths. I got three more trimmed and bathed today, Joey, Sammy, and Lola. I was working on the deck )no way am I gonna do this in the house!!), when it started raining, and there was a little wind, and it was too cold to stay out. So Jazi got bathed, and I'll have to trim her down in a few days. And they were all spirited today.

Lola and Max played their usual noisy play......
(these are just a few seconds long)

And Sam didn't seem to want to play, not that it deters Lola!

And then Lola chased Sammy who jumped on top the window seat to escape and irritated Jazmyn. Poor Sam, has Jaz after him while he tried to escape the monster known as Lola!

Yeah, they are all feeling good. And they smell 3000 time nicer now!


  1. Well hell I never thought to video the dogs after there bath. I just bathed them a few days ago! Very cute Lyn. And to think that you said something about getting rid of those cuties!!!! Love Di ♥

  2. I know, Di. I have my moments! I love when they feel this good! It makes my heart happy!

  3. Happy little dogs. They feel really good, you can tell.

  4. Just wanted to say its me from ok incase your wondering max looks relieved. Bobbie

  5. Moni, they are, I'm sure. Most dogs, even if they don't like the bath process, love how they feel afterward.

    Bobbie, LOL! Ya think?

  6. Lucky dogs, lucky dogs. One big happy family. They look like they'd be good wrestling dogs. I used to wrestle with our Doogie like that. Miss him.

  7. Dave, I'm trying to teach Max and Lola to "box" with me. They both stand or sit up and wave their front legs at me, so it seems like a natural. They're not getting it yet, but I think there are some lights coming on gradually.

    Pam, oh yes it is!

  8. Kipper hated the process but he is always so priud of how he looks after! Your babies are so adorable! Makes me happy to see these!!


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