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Monday, March 22, 2010

Max, the after pictures

Well! Max feels better! I just spent almost four hours attempting to get the sticks, grass, pine needles and godknowswhatelse out of his fur. After about an hour I had managed to clean an area less than four square inches. I decided to give up on salvaging the fur. I spent the rest of the time cutting and shaving him. I found several spots that the knots of fur and "stuff" was so close to the skin that I had to take manicure scissors to get under it and cut it loose. Several places he has no fur at all. I had to cut that close. And a few places I simply slipped and got close. Poor guy. One tangle of hair had a pine needle that was digging into his skin, so he has a raw spot. I'm glad I did it before it got worse.

Then he got a bath.

And he feels sooo good now!!

I'm going to have to even everything up, but I'll give him a couple weeks to grow out so I can make him look "more gooder." Right now, he and I are happier, and that's what counts.

I need a glass of wine.


  1. Max, your new look is becoming, but don't do that again. The next person may not be so nice to you.

  2. He has been on quite good behavior. To be hones, he doesn't want to be away from me, so if I'm here, he will probably stay.

  3. He's lookin good and probably smells better too.

  4. Cute doggie! Max being a typical boy. At least he loves his mom.:) He does look very nice.

  5. hi..Greetings from

    I am Claire, first time coming by to visit your blog. :)
    Can certainly see that Max is very much comfortable now.. I have a labrador.. i called her Labbie.. :)

  6. After all that Lyn you deserve the whole damn bottle!!! He looks gorgeous - lovely job, well done.

  7. Daisy, he didn't smell necessarily bad, but there is a definite improvement. I love how they act when they feel good after a bath! Thanks.

    Moni, thanks. He is most certainly "a boy"! Such a character!

    Pepper, don't let looks deceive you!! But he's a keeper, nonetheless.

    Claire, thanks for stopping by. He is better now, and hopefully won't have another escapade soon! My son has a lab, and she is a sweetheart. Good pets, labs.

    Ruth, I was a good girl .... just half the bottle! :) Thanks.

  8. Was he cooperative? Sometimes doggies aren't happy about being groomed. My Frazier hated his bath, but looked and smelled so good afterwards. Max looks pretty good considering his adventure.

    ~hippo hugs~

  9. Pam, he does pretty well. He doesn't like being on his back when I need to trim the tummy, but he doesn't fight me much. The ones I love to do are Jaz and Sam; they both act like that are at spa! The roll over and just go limp for me!

  10. Well I think the hair cut is adorable, despite the close spots! And I imagine that he feels Sooooo much better! Love Di ♥

  11. Di, the important thing is that Max doesn't seem to mind! I'll be able to even it up in a week or two, and till then, I'm calling those spots his "battle scars"!

  12. Oh. What a handsome doggie! Too bad he can't tell you the details of his adventures, but it sounds like his fur told the story for him.

    Mary (ox)

  13. Thanks, Mary. I wish he could talk, too!


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