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Friday, March 12, 2010

Good times with my special people

Rain, rain, go away! Don't come back till I'm home to stay!!!

Gah! But tomorrow it is supposed to be mostly sunny tomorrow and windy. I'll take windy, as long as I can have sunshine! Lexie has a soccer game tomorrow at Orlando, and it will be good to have warm sunshine while watching the game.  I haven't seen Lexie play since about 4 years ago, so I really look forward to it. She is very good, plays goalie, to her parents' pride and fear! If you have a soccer kid, you'll understand that. She is in a school that prepares kids for college, and if they plan well, they can graduate form high school with an associates degree. This is her first year at the school, and she is making straight A's.  My, she has become a beauty! Not that she hasn't always been, but seeing her as such a mature young lady takes my breath away.  She's also such a sweet girl. She really is a delightful child to be around, and at 12.5 years, that's saying something. I'm really proud of her.

I went this morning to Grandparents' Day at Philip's school. It is also the school where Terri teaches and where Lexie went until last year. It was very enjoyable. Philip and I worked on a craft project together, which was really cute. His teacher had taken pictures of the kids at an earlier time and had them developed. I drew a picture of myself to be glued in the photo with him, then he put the frame together and decorated it. I think we look good together, don't you?
I love that he has his arm around my shoulders! He also did a "grandparent interview" with me, too. He was impressed that one of my favorite things to do as a child his age (9 yr old) was jump on my pogo stick.

Yesterday was Terri's birthday. She is .... shhhh ....40 years old! For her birthday, her dear hub bought her a beautiful violin. She played for many years and has been expressing her wish to play again. You should have seen her face when she opened the huge box it was in. Oh, wait, you can!!  I took pictures!! First she grinned and squealed her delight and then immediately teared up! Here is when the tears began to well up in her eyes.What a sweetheart he is!

And speaking of that sweetheart .... He's the chief cook around here, and boy! He does a good job!

Life is good!


  1. I can't believe how grown the kids are!!! I am so happy that you got to go to Grandparents day with Philip. I imagine this is something he will always remember.

    Happy Birthday to TL. It seems the violin was exactly what she had wished for.

    Looking at the pictures taken in their can tell their house has a really warm feeling. And I love their fan.

  2. Lovely family Lyn, but I can't wait until you and Max are home. We are to be 72F tomorrow with lots of sunshine. I'm not sure about Sunday and Monday;)

  3. It's so nice that you are having such a wonderful time with your family and sharing special times with your grand-children. I hope you enjoy the sunshine tomorrow and the time you have left there in the sunshine state!!

  4. It sounds like your having a great visit Lynilu! Your grandchildren are beautiful. And Happy Birthday to Terrie! Can't wait to see more photos of your trip! Have fun.
    Love Di ♥


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