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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Max, Max, Max!

OK, the saga continues.

Boy Wonder, AKA Garrett, had left the house for about 1.5 hours to go help his father with something. When I called, he was still there, but was done and headed back to my house. He spent about an hour looking for Max in the area that the man who called me was in. He finally went to the man's house and the gentleman came out to show Garrett where he had followed Max for a while. Garrett tried following the tracks, and he had the same luck .... none of it was good. He simply couldn't pick up the tracks on the other side of the snowless spot. (BTW, it snowed about 4 inches last night!) It seemed that Max had just simply disappeared!

So Garrett called me. I couldn't believe he was still out there looking. Anyway, he asked if I could call Zoë, my psychic friend who has been helping Max. Great idea! Zoë has already told us several things that were right on the nose. But today she blew my socks off! As we talked, she checked in with Max: Is he OK? Yes.   Is he hungry? No.   Is he having any trouble? No.   Oh, he says he is having fun!   Where is he now? Oh, he is about halfway between the place where you were looking for him and home, actually a little closer to home.   Where has he been today? OK, he says he was home this afternoon, inside the house!

At this point I was almost jumping around! He was back near home again, had been to the house! WooHoo!

I called Garrett and reported the findings. When I got to the part about Max being in the house, it dawned on me that if Max was in the house, the other dogs could be out .... unless Garrett blocked them in the bedroom and the laundry room while he was gone. Did he? NO!!! OMG, they might all be out again! I asked him to go check on the house first, then look for Max.

He called me a few minutes later, and surely enough, Joey, Jazmyn, Sammy, and Lola were gone! Fortunately, they were at a neighbor's home, being secured till Garrett went to get them. And Max was nowhere to be seen.

Garrett made sure the four were behind bars again before going back out to try to locate Max. He never did, but I didn't expect he would.

Lawdy, what a day. The emotional swing was like a pendulum gone wild, and I'm exhausted.

I went to the science fair at the school tonight. Philip was proud to show me his science project, dealing with how weights make toy cars go faster or slower. He's a third grader. TL's class of first graders did something that I never did understand from the sweet little girl that was explaining it. I'm not sure she understood it, to be honest. The kids were dropping drops of water from an eyedropper slowly to see how many they could put on the penny before it ran over. You know, the penny has that little ridge around it that holds the water, and it rises above the penny in a dome shape. Terri says the purpose was to get the children to understand the scientific method.

It was an enjoyable evening. I got to see many of the other parents I've met on previous visits, as well as meet several new-to-me friends of the kids and of Terri and Kirk. It was a nice end to a chaotic day.

So Max is still around, and apparently decided that if Mom gets a vacation, so does he! Stinker. At least he is still close, and when I get home, he will probably come to me. I hope.


  1. So Max is just being a little boy, lol. He is probably having a blast with this new found freedom.

  2. Moni, I think you're right. He was running the streets of Clovis, with Animal Control trying to bring him in for weeks. I suspect he is having more fun than I want him to have! Little twirp!

  3. Boys will be boys. I hope by the time you get home, Max will be there to greet you with a wagging tail.

  4. Yeah, well! that happy wagging tail is gonna get dipped in superglue and held to the floor!!!

  5. I agree...he is having a littel adventure, as all young boys do...and will behome soon. Then he needs lots of love and hugs and a stern lecture. That tailed glued to the floor idea sounds good too!
    Prayers and good vibes sent out for a sweet homecoming soon!

  6. Golly Gee, Max. Get home and stay there!
    I am going to give my dog a hug and tell him not to never ever have an adventure around the neighborhood. Not that he listens to me...

    I am sending good energy Max's way, hoping he will find his way home.

    Mary (ox)

  7. Sue, I'm hoping he enjoys this, 'cause he's about to be grounded for life! Thank you for the prayers. We both need it. :)

    Mary, I do hope he isn't starting a bad trend with this elopement! At least he is a survivor, having lived on the street for some time. Goofy guy!


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