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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Travel, cows & pups galore

I'm in Texas. I had an uneventful drive, although I saw one thing that tickled me on the way. I wish I'd thought to take a picture, but I didn't. Three black cows were walking along near the highway, each with a calf following her. What made it funny is that the calves were all white! So the succession was black cow, white calf, black cow, white calf, black cow, white calf!

I visited with my sister all afternoon, then got some dinner and came to my nephew's house. He and his wife are on a camping trip at Grand Canyon, so I'm sleeping at their house. When I came in, there was quite a greeting. They have two Chihuahuas, Sam and Max! Really!! Sam is older and very afraid of strangers, so he barked at me and ran to hide. but Max (Maximus!) is just a baby, 2-3 months old, and he is just the opposite. He loves people and hasn't let me alone for a moment! For the first hour or so, he climbed all over me and my bags, walked on the computer (he's only about a pound or 1.5), crawled into my purse, and tried to chew on every cord he could find. Now he is worn out and is sleeping beside me. I finally found Sam, just to know he is OK. I'll leave him alone. My niece-in-law has been checking on the boys. They are fine.

Look at this:

He's barely bigger than my hand!

He is too cute, isn't he? Sam looks much like him.

A little snuggley picture.

And this is bad because I didn't have the flash on, but if you click on it, you'll see why I had to take it. He was playing tug-o-war with the camera strap!

How sweet is this?

If you enlarge the pictures, you'll see that the tips of his ears curl back, the left more than the right. Isn't that cute? I sent my nephew a text saying "I didn't break his ears, they were like that when I came in. Honest!!"

I have a couple shopping errands to do tomorrow, and I'm going to take my sister. She doesn't get out as much as she would like, so it will do her good, I think. She seems to be doing pretty well. That first year after losing someone is difficult and very unpredictable. I remember feeling just fine and being in tears the next moment. At any rate, she was happy to see me, and vice versa.

I'm tired. The drive isn't bad, just about 4.5 hours, but still, it is a drive. And I felt so bad when I left. Jazi was begging to come with me. She doesn't usually do that. Yes, she is eager to go,but she doesn't usually beg like that. I've wondered .... Linda and I were talking last night about whether I might take Jazi with me. There are going to be thunderstorms on Friday, and since she is so afraid of thunder, I considered bringing her so she could be with me. Since the forecast was for isolated storms, I decided to leave her.

When I was leaving this morning, she was doing serious, big time begging. She loves to go in the car, but she isn't usually like that. When I went down the steps and got in the car, she watched me until I shut the door. Then she sprawled on the floor and looked at me so dejectedly, chin on the floor! It broke my heart! I just talked to Linda and she said Jaz is pretty mopey. Now tell me, can a dog possibly have understood the human conversation about that? I'm glad the weather forecast has changed, thank goodness. No more thunderstorms, just a slight possibility of snow showers on Friday morning. She will be OK.


  1. Glad you made it there safely. And those pups are sooo cute. How funny that they have 2 dogs named Sam and Max also.

    I wonder if Jazi was kind of traumatized from the last time you left and Max going on his little adventure. I imagine that it was upsetting or all of them. Plus, dogs/cats know what suitcases are. Sophie and Ben usually freak out when I pull out a suitcase.

  2. C, my old dogs knew about suitcases, especially Ali. I haven't noticed it with these kids. And Jazi didn't seem too wonky until I began carrying them out of the house, and she did everything but turn a flip! I wish I'd brought her, just to relieve whatever is going on with her. Poor little girl.

    As far as the "Max Trauma," who knows? It might have had a bigger effect than I thought. They were restricted to smaller parts of the house, had their own two walk-arounds, had many frantic people around them and new faces in and out of the house. I wouldn't doubt anything at this point!

    BTW, the Sam here is much like Ben .... invisible to the naked eye of a stranger!

  3. Oh yes they can understand many words. I think I heard somewhere that they can understand two-hundred plus words! Which is why I have to spell certain words around my D O G S ! Words like walk, ride, treat, out, eat. They know. Those chihuahuas are very cute, well the one is! To bad that you couldn't get a picture of the cows, that would have been interesting. Don't spend too much money but have fun shopping!
    Love Di ♥

  4. Di, now that you mention that, I remember hearing the same thing. I'll bet she did know. Damn.

    I may be able to get a pic of the other boy, Sam, tonight, he is coming in the room with me this morning, but I don't want to scare him.


  5. I seem to always forget that when floyd and I are talking about doing something, Baby is in the room. The other day when we were going out for lunch we had to leave her home. She knew and when we got ready to leave and floyd was going to talk to her, she just ran into my bedroom and hid. I felt horrible, but floyd went and talked to her anyway. The weather was too warm to leave her in the car. Oh well, your little dogs undoubtedly remember the last time you left and things didn't go very good.

  6. My sister and I were talking about when we've had dogs crawl into the suitcase, into our purses, park at the front door, Sometimes I think they are so smart about something, yet I forget they are even smarter than I give them credit for.

    Sigh. I'm going to have to take Jazi on a "mini trip" when I get home.


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